SEO Help! Helping Fellow Etsians To Success!

This is the first post of it’s kind that I’m writing for this blog! *nervous laugh*

I’m hoping to be able to dedicate time once a week to help my fellow etsians work on their SEO and learn how to get their shops seen! Earlier today I posted on a Facebook Group I’m an active part of: Etsy UK Sellers NETWORKING Group, I said that I was looking for shops that couldn’t get a handle on their Titles and Tags for their listings. I got over 30 responses!

It’s taken a while to go through them all but I’ve picked out a variety of shops and products to make examples of and hopefully explain what I’m doing along the way! 🙂

Let’s get started!

First up is ZebraCreationsUK with this lovely listing!


Just £6 + P+P

Current Title:

Keyboard & mouse wrist support/rest set

Current Tags:

  • wrist supports
  • wrist rests
  • polka dots
  • computer accessory
  • laptop accessory
  • present
  • gift
  • wrist pain
  • arthritis
  • eds
  • joint pain
  • ehlers danlos
  • polka-dots

The first thing I notice about this listing’s title and tags is that the tags are actually pretty good! It’s the title that is letting this listing down. Search Engine Optimized titles are bunches of keywords or short 2-3 word phrases that represent the search terms a buyer would use to find your product.

Getting these keywords can be tricky but one way of doing it is to answer these questions:

What is it? Wrist Rest, Wrist Support, Keyboard Wrist Rest, Mouse Wrist Rest

What is it used for? Computer Accessory, Office Accessory

Who would want it? Office Gift, Arthritis Relief, RSI

This produces this title:

Wrist Rest, Wrist Support, Keyboard Wrist Rest, Mouse Wrist Rest, Computer Accessory, Office Accessory, Office Gift, Arthritis Relief, RSI

As you can see there are no mentions of the polka dots, colour or size. These are things you would add to the description as you can clearly see the colour/pattern and get an idea of the size from the pictures. Don’t forget, unlike eBay, Etsy offers large thumbnails to their browsers on both PC and Mobile Devices.

These can be copied and pasted into the tags section but there are only 9 and you must fill all 13 tags.

I would add these 4 tags to the list:

*Keyboard Wrist Pad

*Wrist Pillow

*Keyboard Support

*Back To School

Another thing you can do to increase your chances of being found is to “sprinkle” these keywords into your descriptions. Keep in mind that the first two or three lines of your listing will be seen under your listing title if someone makes a google search so be sure to make them important.

For this listing I would put:

“A charming keyboard and mouse wrist rest set. The lovely red polka dot material will brighten up your office space whilst supporting your wrists whilst you work! A must have accessory for anyone suffering with Arthritis, RSI, Ehlers Danlos or other wrist related pain, let these wrist pillows provide the comfort you need!”

On my listings I have headers that I separate information beneath. They are:

Inspiration: What inspired me to make this item.

Design: Measurements, colours, variation details. I never write how I actually make the items, those are trade secrets!

Extras: Does your item come in a gift bag? Care instructions? Can you upgrade the packaging, add a note, etc.

Gift Ideas: Who would like this item? Why does your customer need this in their life?

Safety: E.g. is your product safe for children? pets?

It helps the customer quickly find the info they are looking for. Most customers don’t read the full description and if you ever have problems over size etc you can quickly refer them to your listing and which section of the description.

Okay so now you’ve got an idea of how to “tweak” your listings, I’ll provide a few more examples so you can understand it better. I’m not an expert – this technique just works for me! 🙂

Next up is JosJemsJewellery!

With this lovely listing!


Gorgeous at £18 + P+P

I love this make Jo! I’m thinking a rustic background might help this listing more than the harsh white, I think it is taking away from your bracelets shape! Perhaps a piece of slate/rustic wood would look better? 🙂

Jo’s current title for this beauty is:

Peridot Swarovski Crystal Star & White Pearl Bracelet

and her current tags are:

  • pearl bracelet
  • swarovski pearl
  • peridot bracelet
  • august birthstone
  • august bracelet
  • hypoallergenic
  • star bracelet
  • green star
  • peridot star
  • white pearl
  • crystal bracelet
  • green crystal
  • star crystal

Just like the last listing, the tags are great but the title needs some work!

Using the same questions as last time I will try and create one that is better for Search Engines!

What is it? Peridot Bracelet, Pearl Bracelet, Crystal Bracelet, Star Bracelet,

What is it used for? Bridal Jewellery, Wedding Bracelet,

Who would want it? Bridesmaid Bracelet, Gift For Her

The new title:

Peridot Bracelet, Pearl Bracelet, Crystal Bracelet, Star Bracelet, Bridal Jewellery, Wedding Bracelet, Bridesmaid Bracelet, Gift For Her

The new tags would be these 8 +

*Swarovski Elements

*Wedding Jewelry (American spelling of jewelry shouldn’t matter but I always add it in somewhere just in case!)

*Flower Girl Bracelet

*Bridesmaid Gift

*August Birthstone

And I’d write something like this as the first couple of lines on the listing to appear in Google Ads:

“This stunning bracelet is made from genuine Swarovski elements. Peridot stars sparkle against beautiful white pearls. This pale green birthstone is a popular choice for wedding colour schemes. Please contact me if you’d like to order more than one or a set!”

Moving on to the next one we have…

PersonalMunchkins! With this adorable listing:


Cute!! Skirt: £15 Set: £25 + P+P

This listing’s current title is

Bright skulls alternative outfit, cute rocker skirt with t-shirt, baby biker chick

You can see some SEO techniques already being used here but it can be tweaked and improved. Remember the two or three word phrases are the most useful!

This one is a little trickier as the sizing is made to order which means it could be for a baby or a child.I have tried to accommodate both! Funnily enough the most searched for term is “Kids” instead of Children!

What is it? Kid’s Outfit, Kid’s Skull Clothes, Skull Baby Clothes, Girls Halloween Outfit

What is it used for? Halloween Costume, Day Of The Dead

Who would want it? Baby Biker, Baby Goth

It’s also difficult to decide if you are marketing to girls or boys. In this case most people would assume girl due to the skirt! If you’re marketing your listing to both make sure you use both Girls and Boys in your titles and tags.

Kids Outfit, Kids Skull Clothes, Skull Baby Clothes, Girls Halloween Outfit, Halloween Costume, Day Of The Dead, Baby Biker, Baby Punk, Gift

Now in this listing the tags would be a little different as “Girls Halloween Outfit” doesn’t  fit in the 20 character limit. I would just change this to “Girls Halloween”. I’d also ignore the word “gift” in the tags as I only put it in the title to take up the 4 character gap at the end.

So we have 5 more tags to find:

*Sugar Skull Outfit

*Skull Outfit

*Halloween Party

*Girls Tutu Skirt

*Alternative Kids

I’d also use something like this for the first couple of lines in the product description!

“An awesome alternative outfit for your little one! This funky punky skirt features colourful skulls and a bright pink underskirt! Your little girl will feel like a rock star wearing this whether it’s to a Halloween party or just out and about!”

Phew! I think that’s all I’ve got time for tonight, I’ve got 32 outstanding orders to get on with and my delicious Mochas are not part of my diet. *cry* I’ll hopefully be back within the week helping out some more shops with their SEO and checking up on any improvements these shops might notice to their views.

If you can apply this technique to all of your listings you are guaranteed to get more views. Remember. SEO is not everything. To run a successful Etsy shop your photos, SEO, descriptions and policies need to be on point. I’m hoping to address every issue as I blog and help out as much as I can! If you’ve enjoyed this post and want to see more please either press follow if you’re a wordpress user or like my facebook/instagram/twitter to see when I’m updating!

Try tweaking your SEO this week, let me know how it goes!

Don’t forget to share with your fellow Etsians and I’ll hopefully see you soon!

*New!* I now have my own Facebook group called Help With Etsy – Fairy Fountain Gift Shop Blog where you’ll be notified about new posts here as well as chat to me and the rest of the lovely group!

Jennifer xx


9 thoughts on “SEO Help! Helping Fellow Etsians To Success!

  1. I have been struggling since 2012 to get my etsy shop noticed and here you’ve pointed out the one reason why. My darn shop titles. I’m going to apply these techniques to my items tonight and see how they do. Thank you so much for using stores as examples as this really helped me understand what I am doing wrong. I’m getting my coffee ready for tonight as I will be pulling an all nighter to fix this. 🙂


  2. Will definitely be sprucing up my titles, but as I do personalised portraits it’s difficult to think extras to add as each one is so different. Any help you can give would be much appreciated.

    P.s loved reading this


  3. I tried your tips out on another of my wrist rests and have had a sale a week since! Plus I appear on the front page for the first five of my tags. Absolutely made up thank you so much. Now to update the rest of my items…


  4. Some great advice here , been doing ok on etsy but would like to push the sales a bit more so going to follow some of your great advice and work on titles and tags thanks again : ) xx


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