Weekend Roundup! – Stocking Up Advice, SEO Help Success and Gift Wrap On The Horizon!

Whew. It’s currently 8:15pm on a Sunday and allll I can think about is my bed. But no! We battle on!

I’m trying to be as active as I can with this blog so I’ve decided Sunday can be a little summary post of how I feel the week went and what’s up and coming next week!

Last weekend I was out in Wales having a break from Etsy and running a stall at a fun day. I came home to 53 orders. If I’m honest I had expected around 30 but 52?! Then it hit me. Month end. Payday. Duh! I’ve been catching up on these orders all week, missing the sunshine, vowing to never do anything ridiculous like have a weekend away ever again!

Luckily I’ve now started implementing a stock up plan that was suggested to me by a fellow Etsian. “Instead of making one…make two and put one aside.” I have one of those shops where I mass produce the same item. They’re small and quick to make so making two doesn’t even double the creation time if you’re making them in one sitting. This is handy for many reasons such as:

  1. Going out or away and not wanting to put your shop on holiday settings. This way you know you have ready to ship items waiting for when you get home.
  2. Those times when your shipments of desperately needed materials take too long or just don’t turn up!
  3. Those customers who need it urgent. today. now.
  4. When you’re ill and don’t have it in you to make up orders. You sit there wondering if your plague will chase your order over seas and infect your poor unsuspecting customer. (Unlikely…but I wonder sometimes)
  5. If items are ready to ship it’s easy to pull someone else in to package them up and do the post office run for you. (If you’re reading this, younger brother, I’m thinking of you right now.)
  6. Stall Stock! If someone suddenly springs on you that there’s a local stall looking for a stallholder next weekend – you are ready!

You’d be surprised just how quickly your stock can grow making two instead of one.One of my projects next week is to get a proper inventory on the go so I know exactly what I’ve got and how many!

Other things that have happened this week:

  • A customer left me a negative review! First ever! It turns out the earrings had been damaged in the post. 😦 I sent her a message apologising and asked her to change her review as it didn’t reflect me as a seller or the item itself and that I would be more than happy to send a replacement or a refund out to her immediately. She was very kind and did change her review and I have sent out her replacement the same day. Remember to always message the seller first if you have a problem – almost all Etsy sellers would rather the chance to make it up to you than receive a bad review! ❤
  • I posted last night to help people with their SEO and 2 out of 3 of the people I helped have got back to me that it is working a treat! I can see their listings on the front pages of their main search terms now! One of them JosJemsJewellery even took on my advice about her photos – she’s retaken them and now her shop looks amazing! Take a look! It really makes me happy that people have benefited from the post!
  • I listed 9 new listings yesterday which I’m going to be talking about on tomorrow night’s blog post! This brings my total up to 116! Aiming for 200 by mid October!
  • I have ordered in the beginnings of what will be my gift wrap options for the shop! I’m really excited about this. I can’t wait to show you pictures when it all comes together. I’ve got 4 designs coming in and I’m ordering stickers from JensLittleT. Jen has been really helpful with the designs I’ve had in mind and I can’t wait to see what they look like when they arrive!

That’s my weekly wrap up! Next week I’m hoping to post new listings, roll out more SEO advice, show you guys how I take my photos and…well let’s see how much time I’ve got. My youngest is starting pre-school tomorrow *sob* but that will be handy when I have 3 hours a day all to myself and my shop! 😀

Hope you’ve all had a marvelous weekend, mine has been hectic but next weekend I have my daughter turning 3 and a Christening to go to…..Ah!!! I’d better start stocking up!




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