SEO Help Part 2! Helping Fellow Etsians To Success!

Hi everyone – sorry to be posting so late! I’m actually feeling a bit rubbish today, I’m sure it’s probably a plague my children have brought back from school. Humph.

Once again I’ve posted on the UK seller networking group asking for your shops that you’d like some help with and once again I got over 30 responses – thank you! 🙂

The first three shops that I helped on last week’s post you can find here have kept in touch and I am happy to say that their items are appearing on the first page’s of etsy search for a lot of their keywords! They have told me that their organic views have gone up – Fiona from PersonalMunchkins even said hers has gone up by ten times as much! That’s fantastic news, I hope they continue to grow 🙂

I have a couple more tips that I’ve thought of in the last week that I’ll include in this post as well as the title and tag tweaking.

Extra Tip Number 1: When browsing items in search or in a shop front you’ll only see the first 26-35 characters of your title. This is why the first part of the title (the strongest keywords for your item) are so important. It doesn’t matter if you’re browsing on a mobile, tablet or desktop the result is the same.


Extra Tip Number 2: If you’re still struggling to think of keywords for your items there is a great website called It’s free to sign up and it’s free features include keyword searches. This allows you to look up your item and find out what keywords your competitors are using to get seen. It has other features that include showing your ranking but I mostly use it for this keyword cloud at the bottom of the screen. The largest phrases words are the most popular.marmalead_cloud

You don’t need to use colours, sizes or any other adjectives when searching through marmalead. If you keep your search term simple e.g. “Cushion Cover” or “Art Print” you will yield the best results, you can add your more “niche” keywords into your title later. E.g. “Woodland Cushion Cover” or “Floral Art Print”

Okay –  going to get started on some of your shops!

First up is Shadowbrightlamps, with this truly lovely listing:


Starting at £25.99, lovely bright colours!

The shop owner Elaine says that she struggles with describing this listing so I thought I’d give it a go and see if it makes a difference!

Her current title:

Red Blue Green Mustard White fabric Lamp Shade Bright Cotton Fabric Drum Lamp shade

Her current tags:

  • lampshade
  • lamp shade
  • handmade lampshade
  • lighting
  • lamp
  • drum lampshade
  • lampshades
  • fabric lampshade
  • light
  • bright lampshade
  • green red lamp shade
  • red lighting
  • red green mustard

The first thing I want to say about this listing (and the rest of Elaine’s shop for that matter) is that her photos are absolutely gorgeous. The whole shop looks professional and welcoming. I definitely recommend you take a look!

Using the same technique as last time we can find the title and tags:

What is it? Colourful Lampshade, Fabric Drum Lamp Shade (I have used both Lampshade and Lamp Shade as they are both common search terms),

What is it used for? Nursery Decor, Rainbow Home Decor, Kids Bedroom, Art Studio Decor

Who would want it? Artist Gift, New Home Gift

This produces the title:

Colourful Lampshade, Fabric Drum Lamp Shade, Nursery Decor, Rainbow Home Decor, Kids Bedroom, Art Studio Decor, Artist Gift, New Home Gift


The keywords: Fabric Drum Lamp Shade don’t fit in the 20 character limit so I would just change it to “Fabric Drum Shade” in one tag.

There are still 5 more tags to use:

  1. Home Decor
  2. Custom Lamp Shade
  3. Nursery Lamp Shade
  4. Handmade Lampshade
  5. Playroom Decor

Due to the lovely bright colours of this lamp shade I would market it towards parents decorating children’s bedrooms and nurseries and artists and painters decorating their studios. Remember if it doesn’t work you can always change your target market by changing the tags and titles 🙂

At the start of every description should be something eye catching. If your item is found on google it will only show the first couple of lines of your description so you want to draw them in.

For this listing I would write something like:

“This colourful lamp shade is waiting to brighten up your room! Perfect for themed nurseries, kids bedrooms or art studios but also as a statement piece in any room you choose! Choose your custom lamp shade size and UK or USA fittings to suit.”

Onto the next listing we have Smallthings4children and this beautiful listing:


£8 Set of 4 with FREE UK Shipping!

Savvy shop owner Claire has listed these beautiful hair bobbles in time for Autumn. They’re photographed beautifully and I love her use of the autumn leaves as props!

Her current title:

Autumn selection hair bobble // hair elastic // ponios // Free P&P

Her current tags:

  • bespoke
  • ponio
  • autumn
  • bespoke party gifts
  • hair accessories
  • hair bobble
  • flower girls
  • smallthings
  • party bag
  • party favours

To find her new title and tags we’ll start with

“What is it?” – Autumn Hair Accessories, Fall Accessories, Flower Hair Ties, (use Autumn and Fall as most American customers use the word Fall instead of Autumn)

“What is it used for?” – Personalised Hair Accessories, Kids Autumn Fashion, Fall Fashion

“Who would want it?” – Girls Gift

This produces the title:

Autumn Hair Accessories, Fall Accessories, Flower Hair Ties, Personalised Hair Accessories, Autumn Fashion, Fall Fashion, Little Girls Gift

You need to make use of all 13 tags, “Autumn Hair Accessories” and “Personalised Hair Accessories” don’t fit in the 20 character limit so I would change them to “Autumn Hair Ties” and “Personalised Gift”

We need to find another 8 tags so I would try:

  1. Autumn Accessories
  2. Fall Colours
  3. Felt Hair Ties
  4. Kids Fashion
  5. Hair Elastic
  6. Hair Bobbles
  7. Autumn Wedding
  8. School Hair Ties

The start of the description I would write something like this:

“Get set for Autumn with this gorgeous 4 piece Hair Accessory Set! Choose between a tiny silver star at the centre of the flowers or a personalised letter. Children will love these fashionable hair ties to match their wardrobe or to wear to school!”

I’ve decided to call it a night tonight and come back within the week to do a couple more – I really am ill! *sniffs” 😦

I hope these examples and extra tips have helped, please just ask if you have any questions.

After my last post quite a few of you have messaged me directly and asked for my help and I have done if I’ve had a spare 5 minutes, however – I think many of you are scared to try it yourself! I recommend you follow the examples, give it a go and then give it a week to see if it is working! 🙂 You should notice an increase in your organic views and hopefully rank much higher on the etsy searches – maybe even the first page!

Good luck, thanks for reading and please like the post or share to your etsy friends if you found it helpful 🙂

*New!* I now have my own Facebook group called Help With Etsy – Fairy Fountain Gift Shop Blog where you’ll be notified about new posts here as well as chat to me and the rest of the lovely group!

Jennifer ❤ xx


5 thoughts on “SEO Help Part 2! Helping Fellow Etsians To Success!

  1. Awesome that you took the time to really explain keywords through actual examples. Lots of Etsy sellers recommend that shops who struggle improve SEO…but then don’t explain what that means or how to do it! Aside from keywords I’m wondering if you have any other tips to improve SEO strategy?? I’ve seen “relisting” as a strategy and have been experimenting with a tool called Best Auto Renew to do this. It also lets me renew items that are sold out in my shop during promotions. Have you had success with anything like this for your listings?


    • I haven’t heard of the app – it sounds really interesting.
      I try the “renew” tactic when sales slow down to see if it’ll give me a quick boost.
      What I do is find the slow sellers that are still getting decent views and renew 10 at once. I tend to do that early/late evening so the US customers are mostly awake too! Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Yesterday I renewed 10 listings and got 8 orders within 2 hours and a huge spike in views! Seems like it’s definitely doing something! 🙂 x


  2. Is it really necessary to use the same word over in the title? Isn’t the Search Engine looking for “Fall” and “Accessories”? It seems like it would be better to use the characters for another word, but I am still learning.


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