Etsy Mystery Shoppers Do Exist!… and other reasons maintaining standards is key…

Hi everyone! Wednesday night again and I have a new topic I’d like to talk about!

ETSY. MYSTERY. SHOPPERS. *dramatic music plays through your mind…*


When you hear that these kind of shoppers do exist …how does it make you feel? Cool and confident? Raring to hear your first critique? I’ll tell you how it made me feel…

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4 Purchase Reviews From Etsy UK Sellers!

Today marks the busiest day my little shop has ever had. EVER. Without my mother helping by packing the orders into their packets I would have been lost!12144916_10153379496279635_107448631894731539_n

These 61 orders are now flapping their way to their new homes in 6 different countries! 🙂

Today’s post is a review post! Lately I’ve been buying gifts and treating myself by shopping at other seller’s stores from the Etsy UK Sellers Networking Group! I’d like to share them with you!! Just a warning – there is a sweary make and a “cheeky” make here! Don’t click if you’re easily offended 🙂

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Etsy Listing Descriptions – What information should I include? (Includes Promo Opportunity From

Hi everyone!

I’ve been learning as much as I can about Etsy descriptions over the last few days and I’ve learned quite a lot! At the end of this post there is also a great promotion opportunity from a friend’s blog that I’d like to share with you 🙂

When I first started selling on Etsy I’d just quickly write on the descriptions of my listings whatever I thought was a quick “need to know.” I think my pizza necklaces said something like “18” silver plated, comes with a friendship poem and a free gift bag. Please check out the rest of my shop!”

Now, some shoppers find short and sweet descriptions better than the long winded but I think you should put your effort into your descriptions for these 3 main reasons:

  1. Complaints. Make sure your customer knows EXACTLY what they’re getting. If you can describe your item thoroughly then there won’t be any hiccups about the size, colour etc.
  2. Small Business Feeling: Be personal, be friendly. This is what separates you from the big high street shops. Express your enthusiasm for your product and sell yourself as well as your product!
  3. Extra Sales Opportunity: I like to add links to other related products, coupon codes and upgrade information to upsell my products to the customers.

A LOT of buyers don’t read descriptions properly but a lot want to sift through the information to answer a question. Clearly conveying this information to be accessible and easy to understand is very important. I use titles and paragraphs! 🙂

I’m going to show you an example of one of my listing descriptions.

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A Disappointing Stall Day… :( ( iZettle Referral Code Included )

Today I had a stall at my local hall!


It wasn’t what I was expecting and I came away feeling pretty disappointed! I’ve decided to write this post in the hopes to remind myself of the positive and negative experiences of the day and maybe pass on some advice 🙂

I made 21 sales at a total of £65.50. I understand that to some this could seem like a success but when you consider that I was working for a total of 7 hours alongside my brother who I pay £6.50 an hour… that takes us down to £20 profit… and then the table cost £18 …which takes us down to just £2 profit 😦

I made some awesome purchases from other sellers there, I bought these themed cushions from Gee Bee Designs for just £6 each! They’ll be great on our computer desk chairs at home!:


I also bought these cute mini soap sets for £1 and a slice of Rose Geranium Soap and Lavender Soap for £2. They’ll make lovely stocking fillers at Christmas time. They come from a shop run by a brother and sister called Tigermuffin Soaps!

unnamed (1)

Anyway, I am now going to write up today’s pros and cons.. we’ll start with the rubbish and get it out of the way!

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