A Disappointing Stall Day… :( ( iZettle Referral Code Included )

Today I had a stall at my local hall!


It wasn’t what I was expecting and I came away feeling pretty disappointed! I’ve decided to write this post in the hopes to remind myself of the positive and negative experiences of the day and maybe pass on some advice 🙂

I made 21 sales at a total of £65.50. I understand that to some this could seem like a success but when you consider that I was working for a total of 7 hours alongside my brother who I pay £6.50 an hour… that takes us down to £20 profit… and then the table cost £18 …which takes us down to just £2 profit 😦

I made some awesome purchases from other sellers there, I bought these themed cushions from Gee Bee Designs for just £6 each! They’ll be great on our computer desk chairs at home!:


I also bought these cute mini soap sets for £1 and a slice of Rose Geranium Soap and Lavender Soap for £2. They’ll make lovely stocking fillers at Christmas time. They come from a shop run by a brother and sister called Tigermuffin Soaps!

unnamed (1)

Anyway, I am now going to write up today’s pros and cons.. we’ll start with the rubbish and get it out of the way!

Negatives 😦

  1. The craft fair was on for 6 hours and there was a slow dribble of people throughout the day. There was a slight surge of people around midday but not enough to crowd the tables or even fill the walkways! I feel this is down to poor advertising for the event. They claim to be well postered and advertised. The only evidence of this that I saw were a few signs along the road that the hall is located on and if you go on their website and click “events” you can see it listed. There was nothing on social media. I actually made my own facebook event for the fair to let my local customers know where I would be!
  2. The table was £18 for the 6 hours which I thought was a great deal but due to the reason above it took me 2 and a half hours to make even the table fee back!
  3. The hall charged an admission fee to let customers in. Although it was only a small fee I still don’t see this as necessary or reasonable when they have expensive (yet still poor) coffee and food for sale and they’re charging us 30+ stall holders £18 per table.
  4. Despite having twinkly lights and a stall full of bright colours, a lot of people just passed my stall by. I realise that this is due to being in the wrong target market. My usual stalls are at family fun days, schools or christmas fairs where children and teenagers are asking their parents to buy for them or the parents are in the gift-buying mood! The majority of people in the hall today were elderly women and were looking to buy for themselves.
  5. Too cheap! A lady voiced her concerns that my earrings couldn’t be real silver when I was charging so little for them. Despite me reassuring her that they are genuine sterling silver she wasn’t convinced! I did sell a pair to a different lady though so I’ll have to think about whether I need to raise the prices. They are sterling silver swarovski heart earrings – I sell them for £5 a pair!


  1. A lot of people commented on how beautiful the bracelets were in particular. A lot of my bracelets are made with sparkly rhinestone rondelles and crystals. They catch the light really nicely and are usually the first thing that draws attention to the stall. I have many more designs than I don’t currently sell on my Etsy shop so it needs to be something I consider listing more of. DSCN3001
  2. A VERY excitable teenage girl was at my stall squealing that it was “The best stall ever” and “Look at how awesome all this is!!” which made me smile because I remember being that girl and now I have my own stall! 🙂
  3. I got to meet a lot of other stallholders including other jewellery sellers. We talked about selling online and I discovered I was the only one with an etsy shop and the others were on the fence! I encouraged them that it was the best decision I had ever made.
  4. I got to use my iZettle! iZettle is a card reader that is free if you are a registered business! You pay a small percentage on transactions similar to paypal. It connects via a cable to your phone and the handy app makes taking card payments at stall a dream. I would recommend it to anyone and if you would like to use my referral code link we will both receive £10! 😀  https://www.izettle.com/d/HTGXHP I used this sign on my stall, you can download it here if you want to use it: This Stand- (7)This Stand-
  5. My little baby brother came to visit me with my step-mum! How could that not be a positive? 🙂 A couple of friends also showed up, showed support and also bought things 🙂
  6. A lot of people said they were looking forward to coming back to my stall at Christmas Time.

So! Things I’ve learned!

I will now be more cautious when booking events, especially those that are a bit more expensive, that they are being properly advertised. I think I would prefer to stick to events where there will be lots of families with children. I would also like to appeal more to the Christmas Market feel towards the end of the year and have gift wrapping on hand, postage to other parts of the country/other countries and a more Christmassy looking stall 🙂

It’s been a super long day (I’ve been up since 6:45) I’m about to order a mediterranean take away and do one of my favourite things – process outstanding Etsy orders whilst binging on a TV show! 🙂

If you were one of my lovely customers today – thank you so much. Each and every sale brightens my mood and chases all the doubt and fear you have as a small business away!

Have a lovely Sunday evening!




6 thoughts on “A Disappointing Stall Day… :( ( iZettle Referral Code Included )

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  2. I’m so sorry it didn’t go as planned today. I myself have only done 2 so far with 2 booked in nearer christmas. I share a stall with a friend to split the fees and actually I wouldn’t do it without her as her items are what draws everyone in haha. I had my niece help me out on one day and instead of paying her she chose something to keep. X


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