Etsy Listing Descriptions – What information should I include? (Includes Promo Opportunity From

Hi everyone!

I’ve been learning as much as I can about Etsy descriptions over the last few days and I’ve learned quite a lot! At the end of this post there is also a great promotion opportunity from a friend’s blog that I’d like to share with you 🙂

When I first started selling on Etsy I’d just quickly write on the descriptions of my listings whatever I thought was a quick “need to know.” I think my pizza necklaces said something like “18” silver plated, comes with a friendship poem and a free gift bag. Please check out the rest of my shop!”

Now, some shoppers find short and sweet descriptions better than the long winded but I think you should put your effort into your descriptions for these 3 main reasons:

  1. Complaints. Make sure your customer knows EXACTLY what they’re getting. If you can describe your item thoroughly then there won’t be any hiccups about the size, colour etc.
  2. Small Business Feeling: Be personal, be friendly. This is what separates you from the big high street shops. Express your enthusiasm for your product and sell yourself as well as your product!
  3. Extra Sales Opportunity: I like to add links to other related products, coupon codes and upgrade information to upsell my products to the customers.

A LOT of buyers don’t read descriptions properly but a lot want to sift through the information to answer a question. Clearly conveying this information to be accessible and easy to understand is very important. I use titles and paragraphs! 🙂

I’m going to show you an example of one of my listing descriptions.


I am going to use my One Slice Pizza Necklace listing description as it is my most popular and viewed listing! I’m breaking it down paragraph by paragraph (in the order they’re shown). You can see the listing here:

opening paragraph

It’s good to open your description with something that grabs attention. When you see your listings advertised on google they will show the first couple of lines like this:


You can see what your google search result will look like by clicking this option underneath your description whilst editing a listing.

Next up I want to draw attention to the promotions I am currently running on the listing and in the shop. The coupon codes are to encourage customers to buy more from the shop but also giving something back in return! Most of my items are £5 and less so it means they will have to add a few things to their basket to be able to use the code. Another great thing about it though is even if they don’t end up buying it might encourage them to browse around the shop and see what else I have to offer.


Next I want to tell the customer why I made this item. I think this brings me back to my #2 reason to write up a longer listing. The small business feeling is important. It gives your customers an insight into your personality and the type of person they will be buying from. I am an excitable person (it even says Excitable Owner on my business cards) and I’m passionate about my products. This product is about friendship and I felt it was important to mention my friend that gave me the idea and the story behind it.


Underneath that I’ve added another extra selling opportunity – at this point my customer might already be thinking “I like the idea, just not as a necklace!” well I’ve provided extra options! If you have a few items that are of a similar range or style you can copy the link you make by searching the term in your shop! To get this link I went to my shopfront, typed “pizza” into search and then copied this link:

As you can see if you click it, it’ll show you all my pizza products in one go! 🙂

Next I get down to the nitty gritty about the product. Before I started doing this I’d get the occasional review that would say “smaller/bigger than expected” or “expected it to be longer”. Not only this but I now get less customers messaging me with questions about my measurements or materials because the information is right there for them to read. I have added things I have changed to the listing as NEW! This is because quite a lot have already sold so any returning customers I would like to make aware of a small design change should they wish to buy more. It’s good to refer customers to which photo they need to look at if you’re showing off certain aspects in different photos.


Next up is upselling!eztras

This section is pretty new to my listings as I have only just ventured into the world of upselling. It’s not even complete as I have personalisation options on order (initials and birthstones!). I firstly let my buyer’s know what they will get for free as part of their purchase. Then I offer the gift wrap and a link to the shop section where they can browse my 4 gift wrap options. I also like to describe any upgrades that my listings can have. The upgrades are at an extra cost as they as usually the upgrade to a precious metal like sterling silver. I want to make sure the customer feels comfortable about spending extra and again, knows exactly what they’re getting.


I always add a short gift ideas section to my listings in case someone is reading and hasn’t thought of someone who would love it! This might bring someone to mind and might just encourage a sale! 🙂


I think safety points are a must have on your listings. If your product isn’t suitable for children, or contains materials or ingredients that could be harmful or dangerous to some people e.g. nut allergies or flashing lights for epileptics then you should state it clearly.


Sometimes customers aren’t aware that there are policy sections in the shop, I like to point out where they can find the information I often get asked about. The Christmas part at the bottom is something new I’ve been adding to my listings lately. I know it’s only October but I want to make it crystal clear that they should buy their Christmas gifts as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Beneath this part I have listed the royal mail cut off dates that they have on their website. If you want to copy and paste it from my listing then go ahead. I have also added the information about Christmas to my shop announcement, policies, thank you receipt and soon every listing in the shop! This is to try and minimise late delivery Christmas complaints.

And that’s it! I know it’s such a lot and it’s a lot of work but as you can see I’ve tried to cover everything I possibly can as well as promote the rest of my shop and give my customers an insight to my personality 🙂

At the very end it says:

☆☆☆ Please go ahead and check out the rest of my shop, it’s quickly growing and I hope you’ll love the other things I have to offer ☆☆☆ 🙂

Now for something different! 

A friend of mine, Charlotte Emily, runs a very successful blog!

For the stat lovers she has almost 56,000 subscribers, 240,000 monthly readers and averages 8,500 views a day.

Her blog is mainly read by “Geeky,music loving bookworms” (in her words 😉 ) aged between 15-30 on average and 75% of her readers live in the UK or US.

She is offering an amazing opportunity (which I have taken her up on!!!) to promote your etsy shop through her blog this Christmas period. She writes about it in this post:

She is offering to write up a post about your shop for her viewers over the next two months. The cost of this post is £50 at an amazing rate of 75% off as this would usually cost £200 for a blog this popular. She is offering to promote up to 4 shops for this cost if it’s something you’d like to split the cost over with friends. Due to this being a series of posts you are likely to have people viewing the post daily over the two months and longer.

This is an amazing opportunity for people who would like a boost to their organic views, especially if her target market matches yours! 🙂 It’s something to consider if you’re wanting more attention for your shop!

Right! That’s my 1500 word post done for this evening! I didn’t realise it would be so long 🙂

As I’m now a new admin over at the Etsy UK Sellers Networking Group on Facebook, today’s post was called Wordy Wednesday and this is what I’ve come up with to hopefully help out! I’m now going to go and answer any more questions I’ve been asked on the thread over the day!

Have a lovely evening everyone,

Jennifer xx


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