4 Purchase Reviews From Etsy UK Sellers!

Today marks the busiest day my little shop has ever had. EVER. Without my mother helping by packing the orders into their packets I would have been lost!12144916_10153379496279635_107448631894731539_n

These 61 orders are now flapping their way to their new homes in 6 different countries! 🙂

Today’s post is a review post! Lately I’ve been buying gifts and treating myself by shopping at other seller’s stores from the Etsy UK Sellers Networking Group! I’d like to share them with you!! Just a warning – there is a sweary make and a “cheeky” make here! Don’t click if you’re easily offended 🙂

Purchase no.1 !

These truly beautiful wall decals from Chloe Evans at TheWoodlandHaven!


I love Barn Owls and Robins, they remind me of my nan and grandad! I saw she had listed the robins and just had to have them and then I made a custom order for the barn owl! The decals are gorgeous, they are made on vinyl with a material finish and feature Chloe’s original painted artwork! You can purchase both of these lovely birdy stickers and more at her shop, I would love to one day have a full woodland wall made up from Chloe’s creations in my craftroom…I’m already eyeing up that hedgehog!! The robins are £8 and the Owl is £15 and comes with a branch for him to perch on 🙂

Purchase No.2

Yep, little cat butt coasters from Jenny Miller at CraftyMillerJM! Hehe!


I couldn’t resist buying these! I saw these on my newsfeed for the facebook group and I know they’re going to tickle my family at Christmas time! Jenny can make these crocheted coasters in any kitty colours! She will even try and match the colours if you send her a photo of a particular puss! These coasters are to match my nan and auntie’s kitties! They are a great price of £1.50 each or 4 for £5 so you can give them as a little gift just to make someone giggle!

Purchase No. 3!

Best Bitches Forever keyrings from Fliss Hill at Bluebeesuk! Blue Bees keyrings are definitely NOT for those who don’t like swearing and being vulgar! 😉 If you’d like to see some of Fliss’s gentler makes try her other shop Fizzbombkeyrings!


These are perfect for my bestie and me. The main reason I chose this sentiment is because we are absolutely crap at being bitches. We’ve tried. We always end up feeling way too mean and pretending nothing was said. 🙂 She will definitely see the humour. These are a great price of £8.00 for a set of two! I’ve ordered more keyrings since but I can’t show those off yet as I know the giftee reads my blog! I definitely recommend Bluebees if you want to surprise someone with a gift they weren’t quite expecting  😉

Purchase No. 4

But what is it….?


Well I’m excited to reveal this one because I love love LOVE how practical it is!!


This is my new protective case for my iZettle lite courtesy of Vicky Browne at ZebraCreationsUK!

If you’re wondering what an iZettle is… it’s an amazing little card reader you can take to your stalls and shows! It is also FREE to get one if you go through their registration as a sole trader so it is perfect for little craft businesses. (I wrote more about it in this blog post.)

The only problem with it is that it doesn’t come with any form of case to protect it. I like my electronics to have a bit of padding between them and the floor – I am super clumsy!

Vicky made this case for me in a fabric I love – you can see her other fabric options here if skulls aren’t your thing! It’s perfect because the elastic holds my wires in place whilst the padded pocket is the perfect size for the card reader itself! I definitely recommend buying one if you use a card reader! You will need to request a custom order from her shop on etsy! This one cost £10 and I’m delighted with it.

Those are my 4 purchase reviews for this evening and I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my goodies and hopefully take a look at the shops I’ve shown you!

I’m getting excited for the Apprentice coming back tonight and I have orders to get on with so goodnight from me and enjoy your evening!

Jennifer xx


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