Etsy Mystery Shoppers Do Exist!… and other reasons maintaining standards is key…

Hi everyone! Wednesday night again and I have a new topic I’d like to talk about!

ETSY. MYSTERY. SHOPPERS. *dramatic music plays through your mind…*


When you hear that these kind of shoppers do exist …how does it make you feel? Cool and confident? Raring to hear your first critique? I’ll tell you how it made me feel…



Now, I will link you to the review at the end of this post, Etsy haven’t allowed this review to be shown to anyone but me. I assume this is because it links away from the site.

I may seem confident by text or over the internet but I’m actually a pretty anxious person! My boyfriend was in the other room and I was so nervous to listen to my review I quickly put my headphones into the laptop so he wouldn’t have to hear it!

Why was I panicking? This customer out of her own free will had publicly reviewed my product! In video form! You know those messages you get that say “If you send me your product for free I would love to review it?”. Not the same. This customer paid and was not obligated to say anything nice!
mermaid necklace

After I watched her review, my heart pounding and my nails becoming non-existent… I took a few minutes to reflect on what she’d said. She did love the product, she was pleased with the packaging and delivery time and she had a couple of issues with it that I have definitely taken on board. I am actually REALLY grateful I’ve had this experience and it has made me a better seller overnight.

This young lady has only just started reviewing things on youtube, she doesn’t have a mass following or many views but what I have taken away from this are these helpful lessons.

  1. She might not have many views now …but she could someday! What if this girl is the next huge youtube hit? It could happen. These older reviews could be watched by hundreds…thousands…millions! Everyone starts somewhere! And what if she’d had a mass following when she did review my product? It would have already happened. Any one of my customers could be in a position where they could review my products publically and build or tar my business’s reputation.
  2. There is always room for improvement. For this product I will try and direct the customer’s attention to the size of the product. I already show it on my hand and have the measurements in the listing but I feel having the item worn by a model would help a lot. She also mentions that the jump rings on the necklace are not closed. They’re supposed to be “open” jump rings but the one she shows in the video is not my finest work! This brings me onto my next lesson…DSCN3496
  3. Quality control is vital. I make a lot of orders and I am confident that I make them to the best of my ability. At least I was until I saw the review. I am now highly aware that if I’m rushing a product because of a postal deadline or the kids are shouting me I need to just slow down and ensure it is at the highest possible standard.
  4. Feel proud. If this does happen to you and the review is predominantly positive then try and take it with a positive attitude! I am very good at listening to negative points about my products and not letting the good points have a lasting effect on my confidence. I am often told that 1 bad review amongst many should be ignored but I disagree. I will always take on board any small complaint and try to ensure it doesn’t happen again!
  5. Customer service. The thank you note and care instructions were noticed and appreciated by the customer. When I was an ebay seller I sent the order out in an organza bag, no note, recycled jiffy bag and no proof of postage. I have come a long way and it’s definitely something that’s been commented on many times. I believe going the extra mile is key for a small business.

So, I take this lady as a mystery shopper. There was no hint of a review coming, I sent my order off unaware, only communicating to let her know her item had been shipped and thanking her via a note in her order parcel. There could be many more customers that have reviewed my products without my knowledge and there could be many more in future! I will keep improving my standards, maintaining the quality and valuing every customer.


After reading this, why not take a few minutes to reflect on your own packaging, extras and product quality. Any room for improvement? I’d love to hear stories if you’ve ever had a “mystery shopper” and how it affected you and your shop!

For all of you curious cats…here’s the full video!

Have a lovely evening everyone,

Jennifer xx


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