My Instagram Schedule..It’s ALIVE!

When I got serious about my business I was well aware that social media and marketing is just part of the job.
Admittedly, until recently, I’ve had a pretty lazy attitude towards it. I would post very occasionally to my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I would only usually post promotions or giveaways, boosting them for a few days and not really getting much out of it.
The last 3 weeks or so I’ve been putting in a lot of time to post and more importantly to learn about how to generate content for social media that people will enjoy and eventually lead to sales!
In this blog post I am going to focus on Instagram, mainly because I’m kicking myself that I didn’t start doing this sooner! Fliss (the boss lady at the Etsy UK Networking Group)has been telling me for months that I need to use instagram more and I’ve been agreeing with her and then not doing anything about it! Well! I gave myself a kick up the bum!
I’ve been learning as much as possible about instagram, mainly from other Etsy sellers like Fliss. In particular I watched a really great program led by Dan Safkow from MakingItOnEtsy and Tara Jacobsen. I learned so much from this and I would recommend tuning into his shows that are shown live once a week. You can see when they’re being posted (as events) by clicking here:

Okay so my schedule for instagram at the moment is to post at least 4 times a day.
I try to include these 4 types of images scattered throughout the day:

  1.  A good morning greeting to my followers, if something specific is happening that day I will post an image or a quote relatable. Recent examples are quotes about breakfast/coffee/mornings and events like the Leap Year and World Book Day.
  2. A work in progress/behind the scenes or sneak peek. I’ve found people love my posts showing their items being made or photos of order piles/messy desks! If I’m not working I’ll post a picture of whatever I am up to instead!
  3. A group of products that compliment each other so people can see I have a lot of things they might be interested in.
  4.  New listings with a reminder the shop link is in the bio!

I also have a following system to try and encourage more new followers than the ones who happen upon my instagram by chance.

  1.  I follow 100 new people a day. I go and find a larger instagram account e.g. a celebrity or a large company that my target market might follow. I then follow 100 of their followers.
  2. This isn’t it! If someone follows me back I go over to their instagram and say hello, have a nose through their recent photos and like and leave comments. I think that this is much better than an empty follow and they’ll often respond or come to my page and do the same! I’ve actually become pretty friendly with some of them!
  3.  I spend 5 minutes a few times a day on the newsfeed of my instagram liking and commenting on the posts that I genuinely like and want to talk about with my followers. This is the benefit of following them all back!
  4. I have a brilliant phone app called Instafollow which allows you to see who has unfollowed you (or not followed you back). I tend to give them 5 days and then I will go on the app and unfollow the unfollowers. It’s no hard feelings but it looks better number wise on the profile!

Now, february slowed everything down for me but since posting regularly on Instagram my sales have picked back up! I have put my shop link in my bio and when people click it it shows as “Direct Traffic” on my Etsy stats. Since the start of the year I have nearly 1000 direct traffic shop hits directly to my shop home page (which is linked on instagram) and this month so far (not 3 days complete) is showing almost 100. I have also noticed that it is the products I talk about on Instagram that are selling the same day!
The apps I use:
Instafollow: as I previously mentioned, Instafollow allows you to see who unfollows you or doesn’t follow you back, it also does much more! For a small one time fee you can unlock all the extra options and data. It has some really great data such as “Fans” – people who have liked your posts or commented but don’t actually follow you. I go and follow these “fans” to encourage them to follow me back! Another feature is “Ghosts” – people who follow you but never like or comment anything. These type of people I either keep an eye out for their posts so I can break the ice or I unfollow them after a while of no contact.
Layout and Boomerang: These are both post enhancement apps from Instagram. Layout allows you to easily post grid format photo posts. Boomerang lets you make short 3 second videos which repeat and look more like gifs! They’re really cool!

Repost: One I’ve just started using that lets you save posts to repost now or at a later time! This is how you can easily share someone else’s work or promotion!

Phonto: An app to easily add text to your photos.

That’s pretty much it! This is how I am growing my following and brand with Instagram. I’m enjoying it a lot, I find myself snapping photos all day long and storing them to use at another time! Another thing I’ve started doing is posting my Instagram posts as Etsy shop updates – it’s perfect because they’re already square!
If you’d like to follow my instagram account it’s!
Thanks for reading and I hope this post helps inspire you to post more and above all give your customers and potential customers a bigger insight into YOU and what YOU do! It’s the biggest advantage we have over the big big stores out there!
Jennifer xx


4 thoughts on “My Instagram Schedule..It’s ALIVE!

  1. Really informative article! Do you set up an instagram account specifically for your business or do you use your personal account? I make bunting and have been told Instagram could be good for me as it’s a visual platform!


    • Hi, I used to have a personal one but I gave up on it and now I only use it for business. It’s still personal though because I like to share what I’m up to! …Or what I’m eating…it is Instagram after all! 🙂


  2. Jennifer, I can’t seem to find the ‘making it on ETSY’ video to teach me about Instagram. Can you point me in the right direction?


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