Etsy Shop Updates: What Where Who Why and How!

Okay so I totally forgot what I was originally planning to blog about tonight but luckily our group have helped give me a new idea for a post!

Quite a few people lately have been asking about Etsy Shop Updates –

  • What are they?

  • Where are they?

  • Who will see them?

  • Why are they important?

  • What should I post?

  • How do I do one?!

Click read more to find out!

Okay so first of all:

What are they? An Etsy Shop Update is a square photo that you can post to your shop and tag a listing so that when someone clicks the photo they are taken to that listing.

This is one I posted earlier this afternoon, since doing so this listing has had 19 views and 5 favourites!

Where are they? The shop updates can be found in 3 places that I have found:

Etsy Home Page on the Desktop:


See these massive pictures along the bottom…bigger than anything else? They’re the shop updates!

Etsy Home Page for Mobile:


It’s the second thing down after “Our Picks For You” and once again, it’s a massive picture! It’s only one unlike the three on the desktop but you can swipe through them.

From your shop on Desktop:


Shop Updates will appear here under “About” once you start posting them!


Who will see them? Etsy show these updates to all of your previous customers and anyone who has favourited your shop. The more you grow, the more your updates will be seen.

Why are they important?

Etsy recently sent out this email – you may have seen it!



As you can see, this is really big and awesome news! They will consider our updates for their newsletters as well as showing them to our customers and admirers! Oooh!

What should I post? Think of shop updates as a mini blog, you can update it whenever you want with whatever you’re up to that you think your customers will be interested in!

Here are some examples of my shop updates that have drawn attention:


A coupon code, I matched the romantic themed product with the romantic coupon code even though it isn’t in the picture.

Behind the scenes. Photos of orders as you’re making them up with tools and “mess” in the background!

Ideas for returning customers, or when a seasonal event is coming. This was just before Valentine’s Day.

Other things you can post (if feeling brave!) are happy smiley selfies of you in your office, business trips to suppliers, new listings going up. It’s all to keep your customers and fans informed.

And now that you know the what, why, who and where…I’ll show you HOW!

  1. Download the Sell On Etsy App from your smartphone’s appstore. It’s free and essential to running an Etsy shop and being kept up to date with push notifications.  It’s different to the Etsy App so make sure you have both!
  2. Sign In to the app!
  3. On the left menu here you will see Shop Updates between Conversations and Shop Settings.12822663_10153657621339635_1600947514_o.jpg
  4. When you click here it will come up with a list of your updates or none if you’ve never made any. 12773199_10153657621384635_194438363_o.jpg
  5. Press the camera button at the bottom. It will come up with two options: Use the camera to take a photo or go into your phones files and select one. 1466883_10153657621499635_672668751_o.jpg
  6. Alter your photo how ever you choose and then you will have the option to caption it and to “tag” a listing in it. Make sure you click somewhere on the photo that isn’t too busy as the orange tag will cover some of it. Try and write something fun and tempting to click!12018694_10153657622049635_1140930563_o.jpg
  7. Once you’re done hit that big Share On Etsy button! Once you’ve done that, this wonderful option comes up to share the update (and the caption and a link to the listing!) to your other social media! I usually share them to Instagram and Twitter and sometimes Pinterest too! 🙂 12788706_10153657622394635_1392108941_o.jpg


Now you are shop update sussed! But before you go, I have two more tips for you!

  1. Snap a photo whenever you see anything your customers may find interesting and save it in your phone. They’re brilliant for saving for when you’ve got time for a quick shop update like waiting in the queue at the post office or at the school gate!
  2. This type of content is also perfect for Instagram. You want the customers to get a feel of who you are, how your shop works and how HUMAN you are rather than buying from the other big stores out there! 🙂 Whatever you share to shop updates can be used for your Instagram account.

Hope this helps, I really need to update mine more! You can see clicks coming in from shop updates in your Etsy stats in the “Within Etsy” column. I’m not entirely sure it’s working properly as mine for today says “1” yet the necklace I updated about had 19 views and 5 favourites shortly afterwards!

Enjoy, let me know if you’ve got any questions!

Jennifer xx


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