Etsy Seller Recommendation: DYMO 450 LabelWriter

This is part 1 of a mini-series I’m going to do on this blog! I’m going to start recommending the little things I have bought or learned about that saves me time whilst running my Etsy business!

I have chosen to recommend this label printer first because I wish I’d bought it as soon as I opened shop! I will post a link to where you can buy them at the end of the post!

Until I bought one I was writing all of my addresses by hand onto my envelopes. It got to October and my shop started to pick up in the Christmas madness and my hand was practically aching constantly from speed writing all of the addresses!

The Dymo 450 label printer was recommended to me by other sellers in our facebook group. I would still say to this day it is my favourite thing I have ever bought for the shop!


How it works:

The label printer comes with simple software that you install onto your computer that allows you to design the labels. You can add images and text to the labels. I include my logo, return address and buyer’s address on one “large address” size label like this:


The printer uses thermal technology which means there is no ink! This means your labels have to be printed in grayscale but it also means that they will be read easier by the postal scanners! This is a huge benefit to handwriting your addresses and it could be misread!

To print your buyer’s addresses you literally just have to copy and paste them into the text box on the label screen and hit print!


The setting “auto fit” will make the text show up as big as possible to fit in the text box you place on the label.

How much does it cost?

You can buy the printer on Amazon here. It is currently £43 and I paid £50 so it has been reduced! You get 3 rolls of free labels with it too, in 3 different sizes. I only ever use the large address size as I fit my return address onto the same one!

You don’t have to buy official dymo replacement labels either. There are cheaper alternatives on ebay. I use this listing here and buy 20 rolls at a time for £28.49. There are 260 labels per roll so if you think about it £28.49 will give you 5200 address labels which makes them just half a penny per label. They’re even cheaper the more rolls you buy too! I love that you don’t have to buy ink as well!

Why should I buy one?

  • If you want an easy speedy way of printing your customer’s addresses then this is the answer.
  • There’s no room for error either if you’re simply copying and pasting the address they have given you.
  • Scanners at the post office will be able to read printed text easier than handwritten.
  • The labels are the only thing you need to replace!

Extra uses I have found for my DYMO 450:

I print off little label reminders and leave them around the house! My main computer has my week’s social media reminders printed on little labels around the edges of the screen!

I printed all of my families christmas present labels and even added little christmas trees!

Whenever my daughter has to take in something to school (like a book or packed lunch in a bag) I print a little label and add it on with her name and class.

Labelling my storage for my jewellery components.

Labelling my notebooks with what content they have inside, as well as my folders for receipts and invoices.

Occasionally printing a label and sticking it on top of my kitten’s head so he walks backwards in circles for a little while trying to see it.

EDIT 16/05/2016 NerdIsTheWyrd has written a follow up blog post after she purchased one of these labelwriters. Her blog post gets down to the nitty gritty about sizing, what’s in the box and amount of labels. To see the post, click here.

And that’s tonight’s blog post! I’ll be writing these up when I can, I’ve got a list of 8 things so far that I’d love to share that helps me be more efficient at running my little shop! Hope you enjoyed reading the post and let me know if you choose to buy one! 🙂

Jennifer xx



2 thoughts on “Etsy Seller Recommendation: DYMO 450 LabelWriter

  1. I absolutely love mine, I brought it from Amazon and it came with 3 size labels. Thank you so much for the link on alternatives labels and so many sizes to choose.


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