A Proven Way To Increase Views On Etsy!

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday!

Today has been really exciting! This morning I asked our Facebook group – The Etsy UK Sellers Networking Group to help me out with something and I am SO glad that I did!

For a little while now I’ve been adding an extra link into my Etsy descriptions under the “Inspiration” title. Let me show you an example and then I’ll show you the HUGE benefits of doing this..




Okay so what I’ve been doing is going to my Etsy storefront and using the shop’s own search bar to search for a theme within my shop. For this listing I chose “space.”


When you search space in my shop it will show you all of the listings that I have in my “space range” because I have included the word “space” in their titles. I then copy the link that it provides in the browser and add that to my listings!


The reasons I have been doing this are as follows:

  1. I sell jewellery and accessories so I categorise my shop by item type. E.g. Necklaces, Bracelets etc. We are restricted to 10 categories on Etsy so I have no room to make categories for my ranges within the shop. **EDIT!!** I just learned that with the new Etsy store front coming 05/04/16 that we are now getting 15 categories for our shops! Thanks for the tip Denise Hayes LookingGlassDesigns.
  2. This encourages the customer to browse some of your other items. You’re linking them to other things of interest based on the listing they originally searched for.
  3. I offer a free shipping coupon code when you spend over a certain amount, a buyer might be more tempted to use this if they can see other products they or their recipient might enjoy to save on shipping costs.

Here’s where it gets exciting… πŸ˜‰ Hope you like statistics..

So today, with help from Gemma at SnugCreations, Fiona from Munchkins&Pumpkins, Sarai from PimpYourGeek and Clare from MustDestroyJewellery we did a little experiment.

I’ve been adding these links to my listings for months and only today has it occurred to me to check out whether they’ve been aiding my stats. Let me show you what we’ve been up to!

Query: What does the traffic from clicking these links count as?

I wasn’t sure if it was “Your Listings” or “Search Inside Your Shop” so I asked these lovely people to click my listing and then click the link within the description so I could monitor which stats went up for today’s hits within Etsy.


stats shown for the last 30 days

Experiment and Results: After a few of them clicked the link it became apparent that it was indeed “Your Listings” as they went up and Search Within Your Shop didn’t appear on the stats at all.


stats shown for this morning’s activity over 30 mins


Now this is where I started getting really excited to share this with you all because let’s get onto my all time stats. I’ve been adding these links to my listings for about 6 months without knowing if they were doing any good!

Proof it works:

my “all time” stats – 1 year and 10 days on Etsy

It is THE THIRD highest source of views that I get within Etsy. I started doing this in October last year and it has reached 22 thousand views just from clicks within my listings!!

I was so amazed that it had been doing so well I just had to share!

Since discussing it with my group we have come up with several other uses you could make of linking people to a specific search within your shop:

  • You could add the word “Sale” to some of your listings titles when they are reduced and at the end of each listing description add a search link for “sale” with something like “To see the items we currently have on sale please click here: [sale search link]” This way you could just leave that there in your descriptions and not have to add a sale category to your shop.
  • A lady called Darby from The Digital Paper Hive said that she links to searches by colour so that people can buy matching products from her digital printable store!
  • You could have gift ideas e.g. on a new baby gift card “Looking for other gifts for a new baby? Click here to see the whole range we have to offer [new baby search link]”


So what are you waiting for? πŸ˜€ Here’s a quick no-nonsense guide:

  1. Find a range of products you sell that compliment each other. E.g. Butterflies.
  2. Make sure every single one has “Butterfly” at some point in their title.
  3. Search within your shop (not etsy itself) for the word “Butterfly”
  4. Copy the link that appears in your browser.
  5. Put this link in EVERY butterfly will product description with something along the lines of “Want to see more of our butterfly products? Please click here:”


I hope you’ve found this post inspiring (and not confusing!) but if you do get confused please just comment below and I’ll see what I can do to help! Finding out how much this WORKS has made my day and a few other’s as well! I hope it brings you many more views and sales!

Good luck! Thanks for reading!

Jennifer xx


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