Hitting 5k Etsy Sales and Answering Questions!


Look at that pretty number! Yesterday I hit my latest milestone in sales for my shop! 5,000! I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect this when I sat working on my shop this time last year!

I posted this to the Etsy Facebook group I am co-admin of. I told them that I’m not an expert but if they had any questions about Etsy that I could answer then I’d certainly try!

This blog post is to collect some of them together and save for future referral tips when the facebook post eventually gets lost!

Which country do most of your orders come from?


As you can see most of my orders come from the UK, which funnily enough, is where I live! Interestingly enough you can see that I actually get a much bigger chunk of my views from the US. This could be for two reasons, the main one being the US is much more populated than the UK or the fact that American viewers didn’t go through with ordering due to being overseas or shipping costs.

Do you have a promotion plan? What is it?

I have phases of being really organised with my promotions. When I’m organised and on track I pay £2-3 a day on facebook adverts. They usually last a couple of weeks and I make sure at least one is running at all times. I also pay $2 a day in Etsy promotions. I have yet to try Instagram or Twitter promotions but it’s certainly something to look into.

How do you advertise?

When I’m targeting people with facebook ads I tend to stick to a 5 year age gap, one gender, US and UK (as they’re my highest rate customers) and maximum 3 interests. I’ve no idea if this is the correct way to do it but my adverts do bring in sales and new likes to my facebook page. I also don’t advertise to people who necessarily like jewellery. I target to trending things in my market’s interests e.g. Justin Bieber or Dominos Pizza! Facebook ads is another thing I would love to learn more about and will certainly share when I do.

I also aim to be active on my Social Media and I have a big blog post coming soon about a schedule for it so keep your eyes peeled!

Any tips on tags or SEO?

Sure do! Check out my two part blog posts about it: Part 1 and Part 2

When do you start preparing for Christmas?

I was NOT prepared for my first etsy Christmas, my sales tripled, it’s a huge spike in my graph!! I ended up closing December 14th just to get a weeks worth of orders out by the 21st!!
Prepare as early as you can, if you can start making two of anything that sells and setting one aside its a great way to start.

How do you get your customers to keep coming back?

I try to just be really friendly, even if I never actually speak to my customer I make sure the thank you message, dispatch message and thank you note (I use a double sided flyer which I handwrite a personalised thank you) are all really chatty.
If a customer does get in touch I act like we’re old friends! If they mention an event, wedding, birthday etc I always wish them well and have fun etc Quite a lot come back!

How many listings did you have before you really started noticing a difference?

I didn’t really see a huge difference until the Christmas rush, my orders grew steadily with my listings numbers. I listed a few items a week and the orders increased accordingly. In November I had about 130 listings but it was due to Christmas that my sales tripled.

Do you have any advice/tips for someone who has just started on Etsy?

In this blog post I talk about the top 5 things I think are most important to make an Etsy shop a success. I think it can be really disheartening when you don’t see “instant results” but instant results only happen when you have all your ducks in a row. When I started Etsy I had titles like (I’ll even go find them)
Magical Mermaid Bottle Necklace
But I wanted to learn so I joined tonnes of facebook groups and just poured over what people were saying about SEO and descriptions. I adapted SEO after 1 month of being on Etsy.
I’m glad that I got my photo tent before I ever listed anything on etsy because I can imagine it’s disheartening to have to retake your photos too! A necessary but time consuming task!

How do you get customers to leave feedback?

Since I found out it’s against Etsy’s TOU to message customers and ask for a review I just leave it up to them! I don’t ask or encourage the reviews in any way. I’ve found that only 20% on average leave reviews. Perhaps it’s something Etsy need to tweak on their end!

Do you find that most of your sales come from a couple of your most popular items and there are items that rarely get sales?

Yes I imagine that’s the same in any shop. I have things that sell well because they’re gift ideas, something that makes you think of someone else so much so you just *have* to buy them it. Also things trend, if a TV show comes out that is really popular and has similar themes to your slow selling items you may just see a surge of sales!

Do you try to use different keyword for similar items to avoid them competing with each other or just use all the same keywords for multiple items?

If I have the time I try and make each listing different to it’s similar brothers and sisters in the shop. I can get lazy whilst listing but if I notice something isn’t selling as much as I’d like it to I head over to http://www.marmalead.com for new title+tag keyword inspiration!

Do you renew listings in between sales?

Yes if I’m having a slow day renewing a few bestsellers seems to bring in views and potentially sales.

Am I doomed if I can’t work out my target market?

No but it definitely helps to find it! Once you’ve found the people interested in your products try and think like them and what else they might like to purchase!

Do you think titles should be separated by // – or , ? Or does it not really matter?

I use commas because when I started Etsy and I looked up to shops with 100s of thousands of sales, that’s what they all used! I’m not sure on the technicalities of it but it works for me and works for them! I think it’s because I’m used to doing that on other sites that ask you to separate keywords or phrases with commas.

How do I add Free Shipping when a customer orders over a certain amount?

Your Shop>Promote> Coupon Code

Select Discount Type as Free Shipping, enter the Minimum Purchase Amount and then choose whether that’s for domestic or international post. I use £15 for Domestic and £30 for International.

Facebook ads, do you boost individual posts, the page in general or mix it up every day?

I boost an album of photos, either new products, products on offer, seasonal items or bestsellers. I then leave the Etsy listing link in the comments of each photo. I find this provides the best results for me!

How do I change my featured listings?

You can deactivate the current starred items in your listings manager by clicking the star and “turning it off” it’s handy to star more than 4 items because if one sells out it will be instantly replaced with the next available one.

Is it better to work on my small amount of listings or to keep adding them and then change them?

I would say work on your current ones so they are bringing in views and potential sales increasing your shop’s reputation and opening the gates to more orders when you list your new items 🙂

Do you take part in the games e.g. fav for fav?

I did for a few days but I found it took a long time and I wanted to spend that time learning more about SEO/Product Photography and Marketing. My target market is not other crafters so I didn’t really see the point in spending so much time advertising to them. I also wanted to see how my views were getting on organically rather than a skewed perspective.

And we’re done! These might be questions you’ve been wondering about or knew already but every little helps. If there’s anything here you disagree with don’t be afraid to comment below as discussion is always welcome! If anything here helps please also comment below because I love helping and it’ll make my day!


I’ve got another big blog post I’m hoping to get out by the end of the weekend about Social Media Schedules and how to write one that suits you, how to generate ideas for the content!

All these answers are my personal opinion so please don’t take them as expert advise, just an Etsy seller who has a very sore back from all the long hours learning and reapplying!

Thanks for reading!














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