My Social Media Posting Schedule For Etsy

Hi everyone!

This blog post is a big one I’ve been wanting to write for a long time and what better time to write it than at the end of the month!

Let me give you an intro: I like routine and habit, especially when it comes to my business. It makes me feel organised and like I’m bettering myself! I am challenging myself to stick to my social media schedule for the whole month of May 2016 to see what the outcome will be and you’re free to accept the challenge yourself if you wish to!

It’s based around a social media schedule that I’ve pieced together myself. The social media I use (in success order) are:

  • Facebook
  • closely followed by Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

And now that we have Etsy Shop Updates, they need to be considered too. (Don’t know what an Etsy Shop Update is? I have written a guide here)

I am going to be using a habit tracker printable and showing 

you how I use one to keep tabs on the posts  I’m remembering and which ones I may need to schedule in advance!

Social Media posts can take a long time when you’re first starting out. It’s only when you start settling into a routine or pattern with them that they become quicker and easier. It’s definitely worth trying though because your following, traffic and sales on Etsy could increase!

Posts:This is what I aim for every day if I have the time! I try to plan the posts the night before or to have a week’s reference of ideas or topics to use.

  • 4 Instagram Posts
  • 2 Facebook Posts
  • 2 Twitter Posts
  • 2 Pinterest Pins
  • 2 Etsy Shop Updates

Timing: Thanks to this pin I found I try and time my posts during their “best” time periods. Instagram doesn’t really have a perfect time period to post. So I tend to just post throughout the day in order to target the US and UK as they are my biggest customers.

So thanks to this post I now try and stick to these sort of times for my posts:

  • Instagram morning post – as I wake up.
  • Facebook morning post – 8am, if I’m planning to sleep in I schedule the post the night before to post around 7:30-8am
  • Instagram midday post.
  • Twitter / Pinterest and Shop Update between 2 -3pm.If I don’t have much time I post the shop update and just share that to twitter and pinterest to cover all three.
  • Instagram evening post
  • Facebook evening post around 5pm
  • Twitter post around 5pm
  • Shop Update around 5pm
  • Pinterest post around 8-10pm
  • Instagram post before bed.

*Tip!* Some social media platforms and services allow you to schedule posts in advance. I know you can do this with Facebook but I will look into the other platforms and edit this post when I find out!

Followers: I also try and follow other users, this is a bit of a hot topic because some people don’t want “empty follows” or want to follow only certain people. I use two instagram accounts, one for business and one that follows the people I don’t want to miss updates from!

What I try and do is find someone my target market might follow such as Taylor Swift or teen magazines and follow 100 of their followers. If they follow back I pop over to say hello on one of their recent posts and it could just encourage them to look at mine! I also comment,like and share their posts every now and again. I try and follow 100 on instagram, pinterest and twitter a day using this method. After a couple of weeks if I don’t get followed back I use apps such as Crowdfire to unfollow the unfollowers. I usually do this just before I go to bed!

Content: I’m going to blogging more about content ideas in the week, so please keep your eyes peeled! I’m going to talk about posting about life, products, behind the scenes and sharing and promoting your fellow crafters. I have gone into this a little already in this post I wrote about Instagram.

I try and have themed days for my content that I made up myself or heard of online e.g. Motivational Monday . It gives me just an idea of what sort of posts will be typical of that specific day. I also post content relevant to trends or events of that specific day with their hashtags e.g. #LeapYear

If I have more time in the day then I can challenge myself to provide extra content such as Etsy Treasuries or a new board on Pinterest.

*Tip!* I am ALWAYS taking pictures of anything I think my customers may be interested in, new supplies, orders, reviews etc etc. I may not share them straight away but they are there for a future social media post!

Keeping Track: I’m trying something new this month! I’ve bought this printable habit tracker from Etsy and I’m going to be using it to tick off the posts I remember and see where I’m slacking! I’ll try and show you how I’m using it with this photo (sorry I took it on my phone!).

20160430_182134 (1).jpg

This habit tracker has the days of the month along the top and space for you to write your habits on the left. You colour in the squares or tick them off when you remember to do them and cross them out or leave them blank when you don’t!

I’ve also made space to log my starting and finishing stats for the month so I can see if my hard work has made a difference. I’m tracking my Facebook fans, Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest followers and my Etsy views, orders and views from Shop Updates.

I’ve added a couple extra habits to track at the bottom. When I’m blogging and when I’m paying facebook ads (blog post on it’s way!).

Do you have a social media schedule or plan? Do you pay someone else to do it for you? Do you use a service? I’d love to know as I’m still learning so please comment below!

Please keep in mind, I always post what works for me and my shop! It’s not expert advise and there is likely a better way to do this out there! If I change how I do things because I’ve found a better way I’ll let you know! I have made this post to share my thinking and hopefully help!

Thanks for reading,










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