Writing Your Etsy “About Me” And Letting Your Personality Shine

Hi everyone!

This post is not just going to be about your “About Me” section of Etsy! I’m actually going to dig a little deeper and hopefully encourage you to make a few changes (if necessary!) a long the way!

I’m going to address your Shop Title, Shop Announcement, About Me and Thank You Note to your customers. These are all things that the customer reads or receives without you ever actually contacting them! If you get it right you can create a memorable experience for them and hopefully they’ll come back and recommend you to their friends!

This post is all about letting your personality shine through your Etsy shop! And keeping your SEO strong whilst you do it!

I’m going to be using both of my shops as examples as they’ve needed their write ups updating for a little while!

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How Using “Props” Can Really Help Your Product Photography

Hi everyone!

Man it’s been a busy few days. I’ve had to write “photo blog post” in my journal every single day this week. Today is thursday and I’m only just getting round to it. My youngest (and now eldest) have been ill. I spent my birthday suffering with the worst back ache known to man and today I’ve been mostly busy too!

Tonight’s blog post is about photography props. It was going to be about product photography as a whole but honestly that’s a HUGE subject so I thought I’d break it down into manageable chunks and hopefully have as many specific issues covered as possible.

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SEO When Your Etsy Listings Are Very Similar

Hi everyone!

This is an add-on to my SEO help series. General SEO help can be found in two parts. Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

A comment I see a lot in our groups is “I’m struggling to find different keyword phrases for my listings, they’re too similar!”

If you use the same keyword phrases in your titles and tags in multiple listings they are in competition with each other for rank. 

Only one of your listings can appear on each page of Etsy search. (Paid ads not included) It doesn’t matter how peachy perfect your titles and tags are, they’re the rules!

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Treasury Tuesday – How To Take Part

Hi everyone!

Treasury Tuesday or #TreasuryTuesday is a concept that I see across lots of groups and social media, especially ours! Some people actively do it every week and not just on a tuesday. But one question I see a lot is “Sorry if it’s a stupid question but what is a treasury?”

It’s not a stupid question. I didn’t learn what a treasury was for a few months and even when I thought I knew it turns out “making lists for your favourite items” was not it! They’re not as prominent as they used to be!

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