Treasury Tuesday – How To Take Part

Hi everyone!

Treasury Tuesday or #TreasuryTuesday is a concept that I see across lots of groups and social media, especially ours! Some people actively do it every week and not just on a tuesday. But one question I see a lot is “Sorry if it’s a stupid question but what is a treasury?”

It’s not a stupid question. I didn’t learn what a treasury was for a few months and even when I thought I knew it turns out “making lists for your favourite items” was not it! They’re not as prominent as they used to be!

A treasury is a collection of up to 16 items curated by another Etsy member.

To give you some examples, I asked our group for their favourite treasury they’ve ever created.

How about this vibrant rainbow themed treasury by Lisa of MissSnowdrop.

or this beautiful beach themed treasury by Leanne of RoseFiltered.

What is the point of making an Etsy treasury?

I have only been on Etsy a year and I hear that in the past Etsy would feature the treasuries that got the most likes or clicks and were relevant to the season’s trends. This doesn’t happen anymore although an Etsy editor could still spot one of your items in a treasury and choose it for their hot picks. Nowadays, they are mainly just used as a way to network and “pay it forward” to your fellow Etsy sellers. Also, they’re fun!


How can I make one?

Start here:

  1. Choose the title or theme of your treasury. It can be anything you like. I have ones called “Black Cat Appreciation”, “Space Geek Chic” and “Spooooky!” for example. Some people make treasuries based on colours, seasons, interests, products or even a specific person in their lives such as gifts their daughter would love to receive.
  2. Either browse Etsy for the items that match your title/theme or ask in an Etsy facebook group if anyone has any listings that match! Asking in a group is a fun way to network with the people you’ve been chatting to.
  3. Pick the listings that you love the most and add them to the treasury by copying and pasting the listing links into the boxes. Part of the fun is “curating” the treasury. In this spring breeze treasury that I curated I used only the blue and yellow items so I it looked like a sunny blue sky!
  4. Write a little description of what the treasury is and why you made it. In the tags box add tags that describe what is in the treasury. e.g. jewellery, beachwear, summer. Post your treasury by clicking “Save”
  5. Share your treasury! Share to your social media and if you asked people for their listings then link them to it on facebook too! Done!

Can I feature myself?

You can but the purpose of treasuries are to promote other seller’s listings.

Where can I find my treasuries? 

Your treasuries are at the bottom of your personal profile. You can switch this off in your profile settings if you choose to.

What if I get featured in a treasury?

If you get featured in a treasury the general treasury etiquette is to go to the treasury and comment thanks to the curator for featuring your item. I must admit I don’t always notice when my products get featured but when I do I always try to go and say thank you!

There are further things you can do to show gratitude:

  • Share the treasury you’ve been featured in to your social media.
  • View and favourite all the items featured in the treasury and the curator’s shop.
  • Keep a note of the person who featured you and aim to feature them in your next one.

Are treasuries useful for anything else?

Thanks to one of our group members suggesting it (I can’t remember who but if you remind me I’ll credit you!) I now use a screenshot of some of the treasuries I get featured in as a shop update. E.g. oh look at this lovely treasury my necklace has been featured in today!

Creating Pinterest boards of products that compliment your own. I make alternative jewellery so when I make an alternative treasury I pin all the listings to my alternative accessories Pinterest board. I also add my own products to it over time.


Hopefully this little tutorial will help, I’ll link it to those I see asking in the group now about what is/how to make a treasury!

Just before I go I just want to share one more with you by Clare at MustDestroyJewellery! This Dia De Los Muertos treasury is perfect for the theme of her rock chick / tattoo style shop!

Have fun building your treasuries 🙂 If you have any more tips on treasuries that you’d like to share please comment below!

*New!* I now have my own Facebook group called Help With Etsy – Fairy Fountain Gift Shop Blog where you’ll be notified about new posts here as well as chat to me and the rest of the lovely group!

Thanks for reading










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