SEO When Your Etsy Listings Are Very Similar

Hi everyone!

This is an add-on to my SEO help series. General SEO help can be found in two parts. Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

A comment I see a lot in our groups is “I’m struggling to find different keyword phrases for my listings, they’re too similar!”

If you use the same keyword phrases in your titles and tags in multiple listings they are in competition with each other for rank. 

Only one of your listings can appear on each page of Etsy search. (Paid ads not included) It doesn’t matter how peachy perfect your titles and tags are, they’re the rules!

A trick to help your similar listings be seen by a wider audience is to try and find their “niche”. I’m going to use an example.

Becky from Bird & Key recently commented on one of my posts saying that she was struggling to find different keyword phrases to put in her titles and tags.

She makes beautiful prints, combining the comments from a wedding guest book so you can frame them for the wall!


When I looked a few of her listings I noticed most of their titles started the same way

“Wedding Guest Book Alternative, Unique Wedding Guest Book…”

But look at a few of her lovely designs and how different they are to each other!




Now,the concept might be the same but the designs are completely different!

I said to Becky that there are other audiences she could reach out by asking herself questions on what kind of customer would buy her products.

Questions such as:

What kind of bride/groom/couple would like this?

Picture 1 (Lovebirds)  – Romantic Bride, Natural Bride

Picture 2 (Campervan) – Hippy Bride,  Outdoorsy Bride

Picture 3 (Mixtape) – Retro Bride, Vintage Bride

What kind of wedding would suit this print?

1 – Garden Wedding, Woodland Wedding

2 – Beach Wedding (thinking surfers!), Country Wedding

3 – Retro Wedding, Music Theme Wedding (this is a thing, I googled)

What image is used on the print?

1 – Lovebirds, Nature, Leaves, Branches

2 – Campervan, Transporter, Type 2, “Hippy Van”

3 – Mix Tape, Cassette Tape

What other words can be used to describe this product other than “guest book” and “guest book alternative”?

Wedding Keepsake, Wedding Print, Newly-Wed Gift, Belated Wedding Gift, Wedding Memory Print, Wedding Guests Print

I have thought of these keywords by sitting here and googling wedding themes, doing a little bit of research (my partner is giving me a funny look). But if you’re stuck for time and can’t think of them on your own why not try using

How I use Marmalead when stuck for ideas:

Sign up for the free version and log in.


Now for this type of listing I have used the basic search term “wedding guest book print” as that describes all of Becky’s lovely listings.

If I scroll right down to the bottom… I get this really useful word cloud. The bigger and brighter the words the more common and useful that search term is. As you can see, Becky already uses the most common ones but LOOK at all those other little useful ones around the edges!


There are some here I think are awesome and hadn’t thought of, ones that will help her listings bring in more views because people have searched something slightly different. You want to be on the first search page for as many relevant search terms as you can. 

Ones I love in this list are:

Guest Book Poster, Custom Guestbook, Personalized Wedding, Wedding Signatures, Signature Print, Gift For Couple

A tip from Becky herself:

Becky says she uses the Etsy search bar to find other useful terms that people are searching. You need to do this on desktop.



These searches shown in the drop down are suggestions Etsy give you. They change regularly due to them showing the most recent “hot” searches that relate to what you’re looking for. They’re another great source of keywords especially ones that are recent and common if you want to tweak your listings to the current trend!


Right, it’s 11:45pm and I think I’ve written as much as I can think of on this subject but I always come back and tweak these posts if something comes to me when I’m a bit more alert!

Please check out Becky’s shop, I would definitely love to buy one of her prints if and when I get married (more strange looks from Joel sitting next to me..)

*New!* I now have my own Facebook group called Help With Etsy – Fairy Fountain Gift Shop Blog where you’ll be notified about new posts here as well as chat to me and the rest of the lovely group!

Thanks for reading, hope I managed to help!

Jennifer xx




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