How Using “Props” Can Really Help Your Product Photography

Hi everyone!

Man it’s been a busy few days. I’ve had to write “photo blog post” in my journal every single day this week. Today is thursday and I’m only just getting round to it. My youngest (and now eldest) have been ill. I spent my birthday suffering with the worst back ache known to man and today I’ve been mostly busy too!

Tonight’s blog post is about photography props. It was going to be about product photography as a whole but honestly that’s a HUGE subject so I thought I’d break it down into manageable chunks and hopefully have as many specific issues covered as possible.

Now I’ve been using a couple of “props” in my photos but I sell jewellery so it’s not really a deal breaker for me. I sometimes use keys to show off my keyrings e.g.


This isn’t the first picture for this listing, more like the third but the reason I have done it is to show an example of what this can be used for and the size of it.

When someone “pins” one of your products to pinterest they can choose which of your photos they want to use, I’ve noticed quite often that they choose the ones with props in!

And the honest reason I haven’t got this as my first photo? I guarantee you one day I’ll get “I thought it came with the keys attached” from a customer. 😉 I should probably advise you add “props not included” I haven’t thought to do that yet.

I have a lovely friend Jenny who owns CraftyMillerJM on Etsy and she’s been letting me use a few of her products as examples for some of  these blog posts.

Jenny’s current photos for this product are:

It was only after I’d taken these photos earlier that I found the actual listing and have seen that Jenny markets this as a money bag/purse! Sorry Jenny, I mistook it for a glasses case BUT I think they’d work equally well!


Jenny’s makes are always lovely and vibrant so I chose a background paper that wasn’t busy so not to take the attention away from her creation. This background is a beautiful 12×12 scrapbook paper that has similar colours to the sky on a summer evening.

I decided to use my sunglasses as a prop for her listing for 3 reasons:

  1. Summer time is coming. It must be difficult for people who crochet to sell woollen makes over the summer. By showing a pair of sunglasses as a prop it might encourage the customer to make a purchase for this time of year. It might be worth having a few of these props for different times of the year to change up if sales slow down. E.g. hand warmers in the winter
  2. They look nice there don’t they! The colours of the sunglasses go well with the colours of the wool in the cover. Makes the image pleasing to the eye.
  3. They show the size of the product. People can easily relate to how big a pair of sunglasses are in general so showing them next to the product is a clear size indicator. Don’t forget – a common complaint from customers is that they expected sizing to be different, even if you put the exact measurements in the description. Having a prop like this can really help avoid this complaint!

How I took the photos:

  • At around 7pm on a sunny evening
  • In a photo tent out of direct sunlight, outside on the paving stones
  • With my camera phone (8MP back camera)
  • Loaded onto my computer and used windows photo editor to use the “enhance” filter to really bring out the colours of the product.
  • Cropped the photos down for size.

But why not 5 photos?

I use 4 photos for my listings because I would recommend using a fifth (if you don’t need it) for an image to promote add-ons or extras you can purchase for the item. It’s a brilliant place to upsell your products.

Other examples:


Using make up/jewellery to show the size of a make up bag. – AmiOCreations


This cute teddy bear to symbolise that this blanket makes a great gift for a baby –  BeanAndBeth


The stapler and pen scream “ready to get down to business”! – CraftSchmooze


Using lots of props to show off a fun product like this popcorn underwear! – MotherGrimm



The planner obsessed love to see how their accessories will match their colourful planners! – DottyMooShop


I hope these lovely makes from other Etsy sellers inspire you! They have all used props to make their products stand out and works well for all of them in different ways!

I shall be blogging again soon about various topics under “Product Photography so please follow if you want to be updated or join my new Facebook group Help With Etsy – Fairy Fountain Gift Shop Blog to be kept in the loop and to chat to me and other helpful people! 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!

Jennifer xx


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