Writing Your Etsy “About Me” And Letting Your Personality Shine

Hi everyone!

This post is not just going to be about your “About Me” section of Etsy! I’m actually going to dig a little deeper and hopefully encourage you to make a few changes (if necessary!) a long the way!

I’m going to address your Shop Title, Shop Announcement, About Me and Thank You Note to your customers. These are all things that the customer reads or receives without you ever actually contacting them! If you get it right you can create a memorable experience for them and hopefully they’ll come back and recommend you to their friends!

This post is all about letting your personality shine through your Etsy shop! And keeping your SEO strong whilst you do it!

I’m going to be using both of my shops as examples as they’ve needed their write ups updating for a little while!

Let’s start from the top.

Shop Title:

How to access your shop title to make changes:

Your Shop> Shop Settings> Info And Appearance

Your shop title is shown on the web browser version of Etsy. It’s also the title Google uses for your link if you search your shop as well the link description if you link your shop on Facebook.


Google Search


Facebook Comment

As you can see, mine could do with changing because it’s only the first small part that shows. The kids shop especially is misleading.. I don’t make my items with kids! You can make sure that this title is keyword rich to improve your SEO rank on google. Make sure the title is full of essential words and phrases that define your shop.

According to this Etsy article on SEO, search engines generally show the first 66 characters of your title and you should consider including your name in the title IF you think your buyers will be searching for you personally.

The current titles I have for my shops are:

Gifts: Awesome Jewellery And Gifts. Totally Affordable Too!

Kids: Fun Jewellery And Accessories Made With Kids In Mind!

I’m just going to tweak it to:

Gifts: Awesome Jewellery And Gifts At Affordable Prices!

Kids: Affordable Kids Jewellery, Gifts And Party Favours

Personality tip: “Awesome” is not a common keyword when searching for jewellery but I use it to reflect my enthusiasm and to be relatable to my teen market. 🙂 I have changed the word “fun” to “affordable” for my kid’s shop because I realise I’m not aiming the products at children but their parents.

I can’t show you what it shows on Google right now because it takes a little while to update but when it does I’ll update this post!

Shop Announcement:

How to get to your shop announcement:

Your Shop> Shop Settings> Info And Appearance

Like the title you can fill your shop announcement with keywords and keyword phrases that improve your SEO. I hadn’t realised this until today, thanks Gemma! so I have reorganised my shop announcements. The first 160 characters are the most important.

Challenge yourself to write something that makes your shop sound awesome. Be welcoming to your customers and get them excited about what you have to offer.

You can include things like social media links, blog links, coupon codes, special offers etc in your shop announcement.

My shop announcement for my Gifts shop is now:

We love to bring you quirky jewellery and accessories based on everything awesome. We have pizza, zombies, mermaids, unicorns, pugs, velociraptors, fries, aliens, fitness, fairies, vikings and so much more! Hope you enjoy browsing!

COUPON CODES! 😀 (Click Read More!)

Fairy Fountain Gift Shop can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest! We have had our products featured on Buzzfeed and Cosmopolitan UK!

With affordable worldwide shipping available we have shipped to 48 countries so far! Exciting!!

Wondering where our children’s section went? We opened a second store here on Etsy just for them! Please checkout www.etsy.com/shop/fairyfountainkids

Each and every item is handmade with love – by me, Jennifer! There are no cheap knockoffs here. I have the workshop to prove it! 🙂

I have attempted to create a lively and chatty shop announcement for my customers. There is some “bragging” there about the Buzzfeed and Cosmo mentions and the countries but I am trying to stir up interest for my products and also a level of trust that my items have shipped successfully worldwide. Believe me I was shy writing that in there and cringed for a while! Eep!

Try and find the things you are proud of for your shop – maybe you love to take custom orders, maybe you are just starting your Etsy shop but have drummed up interest elsewhere, maybe you are proud of where or how you source your materials or inspiration.

The coupon codes are there (and I include them on every listing description too) to encourage buyers to spend more but they’ll get free shipping in return!

Remember! A lot of people don’t read your shop announcement, if you need to write something important it might be worth writing it  first couple of sentences or even incorporating it onto your banner image. I’m thinking of when I had to inform customers of the last date for orders for their countries at Christmas times. I ended up starting the announcement with “Please read for Christmas post info” and putting the dates/countries in the banner also!

About Me

How to get to your “Story”

Your Shop> Shop Settings>About Your Shop> Three Categories At The Top “Members” “Story” “Manufacturers”

The first part of the “About Your Shop” are the members.

You can inject some more of your personality here when describing yourself. Always try to have an actual picture of yourself as the photo. Customers like being able to put a face to the name!


Again, I like to take the chatty approach with my customers. It’s more about what I said earlier to create a memorable experience even if you never actually communicate.

The second part, the bit people struggle with the most is the “Story” and I actually need to rewrite mine for Gifts. Remember Etsy reward shops with completed “About” sections in ranking.

My current story in my FairyFountainGifts is an “origin” story of the first time I made jewellery; clip on earrings for my daughter. Whilst it’s a nice little story, my target market are teenagers and they’re likely to be uninterested by it! I’ve decided to write something else that fits in a little better and will be way more memorable.

(Story Title)Being totally honest..

I’ll be honest. I’m a magpie.
As in “ooh shiny, want, NEED.” whenever I see a new charm/bead/tool that takes my fancy.
I now have a large craft room full of sparkly and shiny things and it makes my little magpie soul very happy. It makes me less happy when I step on an eyepin or drop a big box of beads all over the floor… but I can deal with that every now and again.

Now, I don’t have “mad jewellery skillz” I can’t weave a butterfly out of pure silver and I can’t make a beaded tapestry that would make people weep but I can make pizza friendship necklaces and dangling alien earrings so that’s okay.

I am constantly thinking of you guys, the customers, and what you might like to see next. I try and keep up with the trend without being too “fashionista” and I throw in the odd wild card too. Have you seen our brain necklaces? They’re massive and gross, but still totally awesome. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

I’ve been making jewellery since 2013 even if I only started Etsy last year. These days in 2016 Etsy is my full time job and over 5,000 sales later I still get excited to hear that “cha-ching” of a sale (yes our app makes that awesome sound when you buy something) and I still get those butterflies when I see someone has left a review. THANK YOU for being so amazing, it’s quite often that a customer makes my day!

I’ve become a very excitable shop owner, I wake up looking forward to working each day and my head is always alive and buzzing with new ideas. The best part is that I’m already inspiring my daughters to be their own boss and love what they do.
Thanks for reading 🙂
Jennifer x

As you can probably tell, I decided my story was a bit too boring! Haha. I decided to go for a different approach and to let the customer see an insight to my personality. Everyone’s personality is different, I’m an excitable lunatic. If you are a calm and collected person then write about the things about your shop/making process that relax/heal you. If you are an anxious person write about how the shop helps you grow and talk to new people. If you are family driven write about how your shop has affected your family for the better.  It doesn’t have to be an actual autobiography for your shop 🙂 It can be what it means to you and why you run it!

Photos – I am hoping to work on this at the weekend. I don’t currently have any photos of my workspace for my “about me” so I am going to post those here once they’re done! Try and add photos such as

  • You in your workspace
  • Your promotional materials
  • Your tools
  • Craft fair stalls
  • Orders packaged up

Your Thank You Note

How to edit your thank you note:

Your Shop>Shop Settings>Info And Appearance>Message To Buyers

The thank you message appears in your buyer’s purchase history next to their order:


My recent order from TheStampingGeek and her Thank You Note


I include the FAQ’s in mine for things like tracking numbers, estimated shipping times etc because it helps the customer find the info without having to contact me but I also include this:

I want to say a huge thank you for buying from my little etsy store!
Buying handmade, in my eyes, makes you a hero! It is hard to make your mark in this big corporate world and yet very soon you will have a little piece of something I’ve made and I think that’s amazing!
Any problems please let me know and I will be more than happy to help!
If you require a paper receipt in your purchase please let me know as these are not sent out as standard.
Please convo me using Etsy conversations or make sure you are emailing my correct work email address.
The email linked to my paypal account is rarely checked as it is old and fills up with spam quickly. If you wish to contact via email please use fairyfountaingiftshop@gmail.com
Jennifer, excitable owner of Fairy Fountain Gift Shop.

The thank you note can be another great place to let your customers know who they’re dealing with. Why leave it as a simple “Thank you for your order” when you can write something with a bit more oomph! Something that reassures them you’re ready to help and answer any questions. (And potentially avoid bad reviews and cases whilst you’re at it! 😉 )

Don’t forget! A simple thank you note inside their purchase can leave an impression too. I get a lot of customers thanking me for my thank you note! I have printed flyers (social media links on one side and writing side on the other) and I write on them “Hi [Name], Thank you for your order :D, Jennifer! ❤ x” and if they’ve mentioned a specific event or occasion I be sure to wish them a good one too!

WOW this blog post went on a lot more than I was expecting…

As usual, if you have any more questions or I can help please comment below or join my Help With Etsy Facebook Group to come and talk to me and the members!

Disagree with something? Want to add a tip or make a point? I’m all ears, I love to learn and discuss things! I aim to improve at all times!

Thanks for reading and I hope this post helped inspire and maybe taught you things you didn’t know?

Have an awesome weekend Etsy people!

Love Jennifer x














One thought on “Writing Your Etsy “About Me” And Letting Your Personality Shine

  1. Brilliant a really interesting read , been on etsy a while and sales tick over nicely but too be honest iv never taken much notice of the about section , but have now and spent time updating and working on it thank you for some great advise , looking forward too continuing too reading more of your blogs 🙂


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