Tuesday Social Media Posts

Hello everyone this is a 6 part series! The 5 days of the work week and the weekend!

I’m going to share my social media schedule for each day hopefully to give you ideas when you’re stuck!

Today’s is Tuesday!

Now that it’s Tuesday evening I do actually have some of the posts I wrote today to show you as examples!

Tuesday’s Theme: Topics, Themes And Treasuries


Instagram: Theme of the day. Show off a product, range or occasion. I’m going to use “Tropical” for mine.


And those who responded did indeed get shared as you can see here:

Facebook: Tuesday’s theme and why you’ve chosen it.

I posted the same tropical image to my Facebook (but I forgot to tell people why, I’m sure they see the seasonal relevance!) I posted it with this caption:

My theme of the day is Tropical! Post your products, blog posts, selfies.. Anything tropical below! 🌅🍍🍉🐙

And I did get a few responses from fellow Etsy sellers. The post has so far reached 250 people which is a lot more than it usually does without paying for adverts!

Twitter: Theme introduction with relevant hashtags!


There were a couple people I RT’ed but I don’t really have a large following on twitter! Work in progress! I did share treasuries I was featured in today also!


Instagram: Behind the scenes whilst I work on orders. (or a new listing)


Etsy Shop Update: Product that fits in with your chosen theme of the day, or a work in progress that does.


Pinterest: Pin shop update to my “Shop Update” Board

Twitter: Tweet shop update.


Etsy: Create an Etsy treasury full of products that suit your theme of the day. (to see more on creating treasuries see my “Treasury Tuesday” blog post! :))
Here is mine for today:

treasury.pngInstagram: Treasury screenshot and tag as many of the shop owners on there as possible.

Treasury screenshot and link the shops in the comments (where possible)

facebook3.pngEtsy Shop Update: A treasury I’ve been featured in with the product tagged.


Pinterest: Add all the items in my treasury to the board that suits as well as my own items that suit the theme.


Twitter Evening: Link to the treasury

Photo relevant to theme of the day, quote or repost of someone else’s work.

EXTRA IF I HAVE TIME (or feel like it):
–Take photos throughout the day of anything I think my followers might be interested in. New supplies arriving, something glinting in the sun, products I’m making, products that go together etc. It’s great to have backup images for future posts.
— I use my pinterest/instagram/twitter account purely for business (I have personal accounts seperately) so if I have time I follow 100 relevant people on each platform to encourage them to follow me back. (to see more about “relevant people” please see the “Growing Your Instagram Account” blog post in the pinned post)
— I go through my Instagram feed and look for silly memes, quotes, relatable content and “like” them. I can then in future use the “repost” app and share (and credit) the original poster. Because I’m following my target market, their humour, quotes and interests are relatable to my other followers and generate attention.
— I go on the “popular” Pinterest category and look for pins that are doing really well (1k+ pins) and if they fit in with any of my boards I’ll pin those. It makes my pinterest more appealing to new followers.

If you would like to follow me on any of my social media platforms to have a nose at these updates as they happen they are here:





As usual, if you have any more questions or I can help please comment below or join my Help With Etsy Facebook Group to come and talk to me and the members!

Disagree with something? Want to add a tip or make a point? I’m all ears, I love to learn and discuss things! I aim to improve at all times!

Thanks for reading!

Love Jennifer x





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