Etsy UK Sellers Christmas Market – How To Join In!

Hi everyone!

Last year was my first Christmas on Etsy and I was already a member of the Etsy UK Sellers Networking Group. One of our members, a lady named Hannah (I forgot your surname, if you are Hannah, please get in touch and I’ll credit you!), started the idea of a Christmas market within the group.

We’re doing it again this year and here’s a breakdown of how it works and how you can join in!

How It Works:

  1. There is ONE coupon code used by everyone taking part. It needs to be exactly the same code everyone else is using.  This year it is XMAS2016.
  2. Sellers will comment on a post with their shop links, info on what they sell and what discount the coupon be valid for in their shop.
  3. We browse each other’s shops and hopefully snatch up some handmade Christmas bargains!

How You Can Join In:

  1. Be a member or become a member of the Etsy UK Sellers Networking Group.
  2. Add coupon code XMAS2016 to your shop and select the discount percentage you are comfortable with.
    You do this by going to Your Shop > Promote > Coupon Codes > Create New Coupon and you will see this screen. coupon
    You want to make sure the coupon code is the same : XMAS2016  > change your discount type to Percent Discount > add the percentage you’re willing to discount for the market, the minimum spend required and the expiration date > Add Coupon.
  3. Find this image in the group, it will be the pinned post whilst this market event is on. christmas-market
  4. Comment on the post with your shop link and info on your discount. E.g.
    “Quirky and alternative jewellery, 15% off!” or
    “Soaps and candles, 10% off, £5 minimum spend!”
  5. That’s it! When you’ve got a few spare moments over the next two weeks head back to this post and browse the shops that are taking part.

Shop Small Snowball!

I’d like to add to this post that last year I made sure every single member of my family got a gift from Etsy! It is awesome being able to surprise them with unique gifts they definitely weren’t expecting!

Etsy is not as big in the UK as the US but the people I have bought Etsy gifts for are now buying from Etsy and telling their friends, I like to think of it as a snowball effect.

Let’s get going!

Now I’ve finished this post I can’t wait to add the facebook post to the group! I’m so looking forward to browsing your shops (I purchased from 29 group members last year!)

Wishing you all the cha-chings and Etsy joy.

Jen xxx





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