Etsy SEO (and where to stick it)

Now you may have already read my previous SEO advice that I wrote about 18 months ago. This is the brand spanking new, updated and improved SEO blog post. *Shazam!*

Let me answer a few questions you may have:

  • What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, how to get found in both Etsy Search and via other search engines e.g. Google.
  • Why do I need to optimise my listings? Etsy bring the customers to you, you should follow their advice on how to use their algorithms to your advantage to get your listings seen. It’s one of the main reasons we pay fees!
  • Why should I listen to you? Of course, you don’t have to! This advice is free, accurate to the best of my knowledge and my shop is thriving as a result of attention to Search Engine Optimised listings 🙂
  • Where did you learn all this? I read a lot from Marmalead, Etsy and other sellers!Right let’s begin!



Your shop title should be packed full of relevant keywords about what you’re selling.

How? – To edit your shop title go to Your Shop>Shop Settings> Info And Appearance and it’s the first box.

What should I include? – I have written a blog post about writing your shop title, announcement and about me here.


Your listing title should be made up of 2-3 word keyword phrases.

Why? – Because 1 word is too broad a search. If you type “hat” into Etsy search there are over 1 million results. That’s over 1 million other items you’d be competing with! Now try “beach hat” and it’s come down to 14,000 results. Now try “children’s beach hat” and you’re down to just 1,000 results. It is MUCH more beneficial to use a string of words than one at a time.

These phrases should be things a potential customer might type in to search for your product.

How? – You can decide on your keywords by asking yourself various questions about your item. I ask myself “What is it?” “What is it used for?” and “Who would want it?” To see a blog post where I did examples of this click here and here.

Put the most important phrases at the start of your title.

Why? – You need “What is it?” to be answered straight away. The first 3 words are the most important in the title because they define your item to the search engine but they also show to customers under the thumbnail.


You should use all the available characters.

How? – Fill up your title with as many of these phrases as possible. We have 140 characters at our disposal in a title.

Repetition – Words do not need repeating more than once in a title.E.g. you don’t need Mermaid Necklace, Ocean Necklace, Beach Necklace, Fantasy Necklace. It’s better to use alternatives such as Jewellery or Jewelry, Gift, Accessory, Pendant etc. That said – it won’t harm your listing if you do it, there’s just potential to use other words customers might type instead 🙂

The phrases should be separated by commas or hyphens. If you use commas they need a space after each one and if you use hyphens they need a space either side.

Why? – Etsy pay for us to have our listings come up in google searches. Google search acknowledges this punctuation as separators for the phrases. If you don’t add the spaces it may as well just be one big word rather than separate search terms.

DON’T compete with yourself – 

How? – Try and avoid using the same 3 starting keywords for more than one listing. Etsy will only show ONE of your listings on every page of the search. It is better to differentiate your listing titles to be seen by a bigger audience on page 1. To see a blog post on what to do when your listings are similar – click here.

Tip from Rob Spencer of Geek & Profane – He uses the same phrases on about 5 of his listings so that he will appear on pages 1-5. These pages are the biggest catchment area for views 🙂



Open your listing with a SEO pitch!

Why? – If the start of your description contains the same important keyword phrases as your title you will rank higher for them on Etsy and Google.

How? – Draw a buyer in and sell them your item. Try answering the questions I mentioned before – “What is it?” “What is it used for?” and “Who would want it?.


COPY + PASTE the phrases you use in your title into your tags.

Why? – Etsy, Marmalead and Etsy Rank all recommend repeating the phrases exactly from your title into your tags. This improves the listings rank and relevancy.

Split them up if necessary.

Length – Tags can only be 20 characters long. Sometimes your phrases will go over that limit. E.g. Crescent Moon Keyring is too long but it could be split into two tags: Crescent Moon and Moon Keyring

If you have tags left over then fill them up.

How? – Make sure all 13 tags are used – if you have some left over once you’ve repeated the ones in your title then think of a few more!

Tip: Have one of your tags as your shop’s name. When people search your shop name all your listings will appear in the search! 🙂


This is everything I currently know about how to get great SEO on Etsy – (February 2017)

Etsy changes it’s algorithms often but I will try and keep this updated to reflect them.  If you have any extra info I can add then please comment below.

Remember – SEO is not the only thing required to sell your items on Etsy. There are plenty of other factors. I would say the top 3 contenders are your SEO, PHOTOS and DESCRIPTIONS. 🙂

Hope this helps, I have got way too much I should have been doing but I’ve used writing this blog post as a reason to watch A Street Cat Named Bob ❤ Miaow! 🙂





6 thoughts on “Etsy SEO (and where to stick it)

  1. Thank you for posting this. Can I clarify one of the points you made?
    “Try and avoid using the same 3 starting keywords for more than one listing. Etsy will only show ONE of your listings on every page of the search. It is better to differentiate your listing titles to be seen by a bigger audience on page 1.”
    Does this mean if you have a different set of three keywords to start each of your listings Etsy will show more than one of your items on page one (if they qualify)? I ask as I understood from your post titled “SEO When Your Etsy Listings Are Very Similar” that Etsy would only show one of your items.
    Thanks for all the help so far and the great blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No they won’t show more than one on the same page.
      For example: Say you have 3 listings for an orange hat.
      You could start one:
      Orange Hat
      Winter Beanie Hat
      Orange Beanie Hat

      If you called them all “orange hat” at the start of the title then you could get 1 listing on the first 3 pages for the search term “orange hat”
      By starting the title differently you could be on page 1 for “orange hat”, page 1 for “winter beanie hat” and page 1 for “orange beanie hat”.


      • That’s an interesting point – so what is better to be on the first 3 pages or page 1 on 3 different searches and why? Just wondering if maybe it is better to be on the first 3 pages of a popular search than on page 1 of 3 less popular searches? Or is it much of a muchness? I saw a marmalead video yesterday which seemed to imply try getting a listing on each page so that your items are seen.

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s cleared it up for me. Thanks so much for your fast reply. I am going to go on a mission to update my shop over the next couple of weeks. I always enjoy reading your blog and I’m grateful for the time you put into sharing your knowledge with us.


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