My Morning Routine For My Etsy Shops

Firstly, let’s begin with the obvious. Not every morning is perfect and if you read this and think “wow, that’s organised!” or “man I can’t even think straight before 12pm” you are not alone. I’m right there with you. This is my morning routine WHEN everything is going to plan, I’m caffeinated and on the ball!

Secondly – I don’t usually start this routine until after I’ve dropped my daughters at school. To me it’s infinitely harder to try and concentrate on admin work when I’ve got “mummy where is my homework?”, “mummy, she stole my identical white sock!” and “mummy, she’s just poured coco pops all over her pristine uniform!”

I walk the little monsters angels to school and come back ready to Etsy. When it’s half term or school holidays I tend to either creep downstairs before they’re awake or allow morning TV and brekkie to give me some peace. It takes me around half an hour  – 45 minutes to do this following list.

Let’s get on with my checklist.

First thing I do is open up my main shop, I currently have two!

1. Conversations:

My shop is a fairly busy one. I get anywhere from 10-30 conversations a day from customers. On Monday mornings especially there can be a couple days backlog if there’s been a busy weekend. I tend to go through them in order that they were received unless one is screaming “urgent!” in the subject.

I keep a pad on my desk and anything important from customer conversations I tend to jot down. – Change of addresses, need urgently, change something about the order. I go through and cancel any that need cancelling, refund shipping overages etc.

2. Emails:

Then I check my main shop’s email account because some customers will contact me through that instead. One thing I hadn’t realised when I first started selling on Etsy is that I use an old email address for my PayPal account and customers were also emailing that one! I now have a little part of my thank you message to say to contact me via Etsy or my main email as the other one is unused.

3. Reviews:

I usually get at least 3 reviews a day (more on a Tuesday when the emails go out reminding buyers) so I quickly skirt over those to make sure everyone’s happy. If they’re not I go about fixing any problems they might have had.

4. Organise Outstanding Orders:

As I said before, my main shop is fairly busy. I average around 15-20 orders per day. (Christmas time excluded). To make my order fulfilment easier I use integrated forms from FormsPlus which you can find here.

I prefer to use my Dymo label printer as the labels look nicer and they are less expensive but this saves a lot more time. All I have to do is tick “select all orders” and then hit “print orders” and Etsy will provide a PDF of your invoices. When you hit print they will all come out with their addresses on a little label for you to peel off each order.

When I have printed out all outstanding orders I leave a private note on the most recent one to remind me I’m “up to here” for printing. I then quickly go through them. Making piles for each dispatch date and making sure any that are marked as urgent get put on top of the pile.

A further step I can take for that day is to organise them in type of item to speed up the making process. I prefer to make all my keyrings at once, then necklaces etc.

5. Check Buyer Notes

I always have a quick scan through for buyer notes that could be a potential issue. Sometimes it’s a customer who wants their order far sooner that it’ll arrive internationally or sometimes someone has asked me to completely change their product in the notes. These I have to message and usually end up cancelling and refunding. I won’t process their order until I get a reply and if I hear nothing in 2 days I cancel and refund anyway.

6. Check Listings Manager

I check this to see if anything has sold out by accident. A lot of my components are shared between items so I don’t list huge amounts for them in case someone buys the whole lot! If something has sold out but I still have the materials in stock I’ll renew it.

I also check what’s expiring this week and what stock is running low.

7. Pay Bill

I do this everyday. My Etsy bill is quite high per month so I pay the bill daily to make sure I’m staying on top of it. I have promoted listings turned on so it can quickly creep up on me.

8. Schedule Payment Deposit

This depends on the day really. If my bank account is happy I leave it to accumulate for a few days.

9. Repeat for my second shop!

My second shop is much smaller (and doesn’t get the love it deserves! I promise soon!!) but I still do the same routine for this one following the first. I add it’s order invoices to the correct piles from the first shop as they have the same shipping turnaround.

10. Prepare the workspace.

Usually my desk is clear because I hate coming downstairs to a messy desk – it is a motivation killer! But if not I’ll spend however much time it takes to start the day on a clean slate.

I also have a few notebooks/pads on my desk at any time. Whilst I’m working I make lists such as “supplies running low” “new ideas” “notes and memos” and “improvement ideas” as whilst I’m working things often pop into my head and I’ll have forgotten them by the end of the day if they’re not written down!

11. Get to work!

All admin done and no more excuses, it’s time to start working on outstanding orders. By this point I usually need another coffee first!

Final notes

I hope this little list might help get you with your morning mojo, or just an idea for how to start the day when your brain is still asleep ❤

If you are not at the stage of having daily orders you might have extra steps such as “social media promotion” “working on new ideas” “listing new products” whatever it is please leave me a comment and let me know what keeps you going!

If you are at the stage where you have hundreds of orders and you have a super mega streamlined system run by humanoid robots (or just staff, if there’s no budget for humanoid robots 😉 ) please let me know too – this is where I aspire to be…humanoid robots kind of creep me out though.

Thanks for reading!

Jennifer xx





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