You Need A Sale Category In Your Etsy Shop – Trust Me!

Good morning!

Today I want to quickly write down some notes and discoveries on including a “SALE” category in your Etsy shop. I would highly recommend it!

All of my listings are set to expire after the 4 months in my shop instead of automatic renewal. It just helps me keep tabs on the slow movers.

Let me just explain the “chances” my listings get. They get 3 chances.

  1. Initial listing. The first 4 months on Etsy for 0.20 cents a pop. My original photos/titles/tags and descriptions. (please sell, please sell, please sell…)
  2. Expired listing (aww) renewed. If the listing didn’t sell for 4 months and ends up in the expired section then I will renew it after revisiting it’s photos/SEO/descriptions. I try and give it a new lease of life to start again. Another 0.20 cents.
  3. Second expiry. If the listing expires again after I have tweaked it to the best of my ability then I lower the price and put it in my SALE section.

If the listing didn’t sell initially, didn’t sell after tweaking it and didn’t sell after I lowered the price (and at 4 months per renewal that’s a whole year of being on Etsy!) – it’s dead to me! (sorry!)

But here’s the thing. Nothing I have ever put in my SALE section has expired.

Yep, that’s right. Everything I have put in there starts selling slowly but surely. At least once in 4 months for it to renew by itself. (If you have quantity set as more than 1 in stock Etsy renew a listing for another 4 months by default when it sells).

Some have even started selling a lot. And when things sell a lot their ranking and relevancy improve on Etsy search. This has given me the confidence to move them back out of the sale section and resume their original price tags and guess what they’re still selling! 😀

And here’s another reason!

The SALE section in my shop is the 3rd most viewed category I have. (Necklaces and Keyrings are first, they have the most listings in) That means a lot of people browsing my shop like to have a nose through the SALE section and can you blame them? I know I love a bargain! Quite a lot of people make a main purchase and then add one or two “bargain buys” from my SALE section 🙂

And it doesn’t just have to be items reduced in price.

My SALE section is called SALE / SPECIAL OFFERS.

I also include listings where you can buy two of something for a discount. Multi-buy listings are right at home here and I plan on doing more.

Clearance items also seem to do well there. I have recently added the last of my bookmarks (my shop ended up taking another direction). Two styles have sold out and the other has a few left but another sold just last night!

Final thoughts.

So if you’d like to add another job to your to-do list I would highly recommend a SALE category as one of your 15 that you’re allowed to have on Etsy.

Do you already have a sale section? How is it going?

Do you renew expired listings in hope next time they’ll sell or do you change things up and try again?

Do you have seasonal items – those would go well in a SALE section at other times of year! People in our Facebook group often report Christmas items selling occasionally throughout the year!

Please let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Jennifer xx









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