A Disappointing Stall Day… :( ( iZettle Referral Code Included )

Today I had a stall at my local hall!


It wasn’t what I was expecting and I came away feeling pretty disappointed! I’ve decided to write this post in the hopes to remind myself of the positive and negative experiences of the day and maybe pass on some advice 🙂

I made 21 sales at a total of £65.50. I understand that to some this could seem like a success but when you consider that I was working for a total of 7 hours alongside my brother who I pay £6.50 an hour… that takes us down to £20 profit… and then the table cost £18 …which takes us down to just £2 profit 😦

I made some awesome purchases from other sellers there, I bought these themed cushions from Gee Bee Designs for just £6 each! They’ll be great on our computer desk chairs at home!:


I also bought these cute mini soap sets for £1 and a slice of Rose Geranium Soap and Lavender Soap for £2. They’ll make lovely stocking fillers at Christmas time. They come from a shop run by a brother and sister called Tigermuffin Soaps!

unnamed (1)

Anyway, I am now going to write up today’s pros and cons.. we’ll start with the rubbish and get it out of the way!

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A little introduction!


My name is Jennifer and I am the (excitable) owner of Fairy Fountain Gift Shop!

About me:

I live in England on the Wirral which is near Liverpool. It’s a small peninsula with a lot of character. I live in the beautiful village of Port Sunlight. (even the name is pretty!) I live here with my two daughters, my boyfriend and two troublesome cats! I’m 25 years old, full of enthusiasm and I believe kindness makes the world go round.

Port Sunlight Village

About the Shop:

A little handmade jewellery and gifts store that oozes quirkiness and geeky references!

Fairy Fountain Gift Shop started out on eBay back in 2013, after a couple of thousand sales and extortionate fees leeching at my profits I decided to move away and try and sell directly through my Facebook page. With new rules and page reach problems that didn’t work out for me either. I moved to Etsy in March this year and I’m about to hit 800 sales less than six months later! Couldn’t be happier with this decision and I plan to make it as big as my dreams! 🙂

I also love to do stalls, Christmas markets and fun day shows! Another thing I love to do is charity events where I take my beads and make personalised bracelets with the children.

I’ve started this blog to help people who want to improve their Etsy stores, I’m lucky enough to be running a successful Etsy store that means I can afford to be a stay at home mum. I know there are many who would love to be achieving the same so if I can help in any small way – I will 🙂

It’s also a blog to update on any new listings or upcoming products, stall events etc if you are one of my lovely customers!

If I buy something awesome from another Etsy seller I’ll be sure to post a glowing review with plenty of pictures to tempt you!

I’m getting super busy with my shop – especially as we grow ever closer to Christmas. My hope is to be posting on a regular basis with set days I can help out individuals who need help with things like photos or SEO. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll get back to you asap!

Jennifer xx


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