An Awesome Gift For You and Your Coffee Bestie

I ordered these coffee charms in ages ago. It felt like forever whilst they came from overseas! It took just over 3 weeks.


They’ve finally arrived and they look so cool! I already knew what I wanted to do with them and today I brought my vision to life!

I wanted to create something personal with these charms, a cute gift you can give to someone to show you pay attention! If you’re regularly going for coffee with your best friend you probably know what their brain juice of choice is! I will be taking custom orders so you can tell me the name you want on the card followed by the coffee! Even if it’s really long …like a grande caffe mocha, no sugar, no whipped cream, extra dry, with half skim, half full milk.  -I’ll make it work! For other Etsy sellers, I used a fantastic free online service called to make this graphic for my necklace cards 🙂


DSCN3790I’d just like to point out these necklaces also make great friendship necklaces. Matching coffee takeout cups! If you’re ordering for yourself why not leave the name on the card and just put “Mine” 😉

Finally these little gifts are placed in a cellophane packet and popped inside a matching organza bag. A voila! You’ve just made someone smile!


£5.50 + Affordable Worldwide Shipping

To visit my shop and see my other gift ideas including the bestselling pizza friendship necklace…click here 🙂

Thanks for having a nose, I’m off to drink my Skinny Mocha!



Pug Life – Adorable Pug Jewellery Now In Stock

I think the Pug population must be booming! I see their cute little puggy faces almost everywhere I go!


When I came across some ridiculously cute pug charms I knew that they belonged in my shop! They’re even double sided! Have little neck folds ever looked so adorable? DSCN3615

I didn’t just list these earrings though! Oh no! I went just slightly mad and made a whole Pug range of jewellery! Check out the new “Pug Life” collection 🙂 Don’t forget, there is affordable worldwide shipping available for everything in store!

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These make a perfect gift if you know anyone a little bit pug mad or know anyone who has a little bit of a mad pug! 🙂

Crazy Pug

Hope you’re having a lovely evening and thanks for looking! Coming soon….Chihuahuas!