Etsy Shop Updates: What Where Who Why and How!

Okay so I totally forgot what I was originally planning to blog about tonight but luckily our group have helped give me a new idea for a post!

Quite a few people lately have been asking about Etsy Shop Updates –

  • What are they?

  • Where are they?

  • Who will see them?

  • Why are they important?

  • What should I post?

  • How do I do one?!

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Introducing: Gift Wrap

Hi everyone!

Just a little shop update for you! This weekend I’ve been busy working on my new gift wrap options!

Customers are often asking me to add a personalised note or to “make it special” as it is a gift for someone. My items are usually placed in a cellophane packet within an organza gift bag. They’re then posted in a bubble mailer with a thank you note.

I actually got a 3 star review from someone that said “Packaging could have been better.” He was right. There were no “better” options for my customers. The standard is kept simple and affordable to appeal to those who just want something for themselves. I’ve itched my brain over it and with help from other Etsy sellers from Etsy Sellers UK Networking Group, (especially Anne-Marie from Handmade With Love Designs) I’ve come up with these 4 options (click to see larger!):

They come in this cute little box with the shop’s logo on the top!DSCN3910

I actually bought the stickers from a brilliant independent shop owner! Jen from!

I told her the sentiments I wanted for my stickers and she talked me through the design process. I chose their size, fonts, colours and whether they had borders on. A few days after I’d placed my order I asked about logo stickers and she added it to my order and I’m REALLY pleased with how they turned out! I’ll be using JensLittleT for all my sticker needs for the business from now on!

The labels on the inside I created myself, I want people to be able to personalise them so I thought it best to be able to make them on the spot without having to order them in.

The gift wrap options get the following treatment:

Item is placed in a cellophane packet with care instructions > Item is placed in an organza bag > Item is wrapped in themed tissue paper> Item is wrapped with curling ribbon>  Sentiment sticker is added > Matching confetti is sprinkled inside the box> Gift label is added and personalised > Bubble wrap is added to make sure the items are protected in transit> The box is closed and a logo sticker is placed on the lid. 

For this service I will be charging £2.50 and you can have up to 3 items wrapped in the tissue paper parcel at once. Larger orders may require more than one box or one bigger box which I can look into upon request. They have been added to the Gift Wrap And Add Ons section of my shop!

To my customers: They are really lovely if you’d like to impress someone with the wow factor when you send them a gift!

To other sellers: Why not step up your game and add gift wrap options to your shop (if you haven’t already!) If you’re not sure why not just try a Christmas option with the season approaching?

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend 🙂