Planning Ahead – What’s Next For Your Etsy Shop?

Hi everyone – I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas!

This is a different approach to blogging for me. I’m actually going to be doing the planning I’m writing about AS I do it. I think it’ll be helpful for me to describe the thought and reasoning behind my methods!

In this blog post I intend to break down the goals, objectives and ideas process that I’m going through for my Etsy shops! In front of me I have an A4 project book (one of those ones with tabbed sections) and I’m using it to separate goals and ideas for different aspects in my life.

The first section is “personal” so what I’m working on for me and my family. The other sections are labelled “Shop 1” “Shop 2” “Shop 3” “Blog” (If you’re wondering, yes I am mad enough to be launching my third Etsy shop this March 😉 ) I think it’ll be useful to have a hub of all of my ideas to look back on.

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Etsy Mystery Shoppers Do Exist!… and other reasons maintaining standards is key…

Hi everyone! Wednesday night again and I have a new topic I’d like to talk about!

ETSY. MYSTERY. SHOPPERS. *dramatic music plays through your mind…*


When you hear that these kind of shoppers do exist …how does it make you feel? Cool and confident? Raring to hear your first critique? I’ll tell you how it made me feel…

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