Etsy SEO (and where to stick it)

Now you may have already read my previous SEO advice that I wrote about 18 months ago. This is the brand spanking new, updated and improved SEO blog post. *Shazam!*

Let me answer a few questions you may have:

  • What is SEO? SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, how to get found in both Etsy Search and via other search engines e.g. Google.
  • Why do I need to optimise my listings? Etsy bring the customers to you, you should follow their advice on how to use their algorithms to your advantage to get your listings seen. It’s one of the main reasons we pay fees!
  • Why should I listen to you? Of course, you don’t have to! This advice is free, accurate to the best of my knowledge and my shop is thriving as a result of attention to Search Engine Optimised listings 🙂
  • Where did you learn all this? I read a lot from Marmalead, Etsy and other sellers!Right let’s begin!

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Planning Ahead – What’s Next For Your Etsy Shop?

Hi everyone – I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas!

This is a different approach to blogging for me. I’m actually going to be doing the planning I’m writing about AS I do it. I think it’ll be helpful for me to describe the thought and reasoning behind my methods!

In this blog post I intend to break down the goals, objectives and ideas process that I’m going through for my Etsy shops! In front of me I have an A4 project book (one of those ones with tabbed sections) and I’m using it to separate goals and ideas for different aspects in my life.

The first section is “personal” so what I’m working on for me and my family. The other sections are labelled “Shop 1” “Shop 2” “Shop 3” “Blog” (If you’re wondering, yes I am mad enough to be launching my third Etsy shop this March 😉 ) I think it’ll be useful to have a hub of all of my ideas to look back on.

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SEO Help Part 2! Helping Fellow Etsians To Success!

Hi everyone – sorry to be posting so late! I’m actually feeling a bit rubbish today, I’m sure it’s probably a plague my children have brought back from school. Humph.

Once again I’ve posted on the UK seller networking group asking for your shops that you’d like some help with and once again I got over 30 responses – thank you! 🙂

The first three shops that I helped on last week’s post you can find here have kept in touch and I am happy to say that their items are appearing on the first page’s of etsy search for a lot of their keywords! They have told me that their organic views have gone up – Fiona from PersonalMunchkins even said hers has gone up by ten times as much! That’s fantastic news, I hope they continue to grow 🙂

I have a couple more tips that I’ve thought of in the last week that I’ll include in this post as well as the title and tag tweaking.

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